Brits Might be Trapped at Border for Unpaid Debts. UK Sucks Sometimes.

“Dear Jon,

I came to the UK for my post graduation studies in 2011 and left the UK in 2013 February. I am from India and I came to the UK with my girlfriend who did another course in the UK. But by the time we left the UK, we were in great shortage of money and had to take around GBP 2000 as payday loans and GBP 200 overdraft from Natwest bank. We also had outstanding council tax bills in my name, pending iPhone contracts with 3-mobile and Vodafone.

So I am having a total of around GBP 3500 – 4000 as debt.

If I enter the UK on a visit visa will I be arrested at the airport ?
How to know if I am having any criminal/civil case/ccj open ? I was receiving mails from the payday loaners up to 2015 January but I have not responded back to any. The mistake that I did was taking loans and outstanding bills and once I have a stable income I want to pay back. How can I do this ?

I also read this news link which talks about the process for not letting you out of the country.

Will I get arrested if I travel to the UK ?

Antony V”


I understand your concerns, and the link you sent has become an issue here in the UK lately.

To my knowledge, you will not be stopped or arrested upon entering the UK. No worries there. It is the owing of council tax and then leaving the UK after your trip that may be the issue. I say/write, may be the issue.

How long are you staying in the UK?

What council do you owe, and how much?

What passport are you traveling on?

It is doubtful there are any criminal charges against you, debts and being in debt is not a crime.

Any CCJ’s would show on your credit history, or you could contact the local courts where you lived as to any civil cases against you. Again, doubtful, and that alone will not affect your coming to the UK or leaving. It is the council taxes that “may” be an issue.

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Currently, not all airports are checking this, so there are many factors.

I’m sorry I cannot give you assurances. I feel you’ll be OK. You won’t be arrested for debt alone. You may wish to phone the council you owe just to inquire as to the status of the account.

The worst that happens is the council wants you to pay what you owe.

Can you afford to pay the council if you had to?

Let me know.



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