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It’s Over – Debt Relief Trial of Otto Berges and Consumer Protection Counsel

Written by Steve Rhode

In checking on recent updates, it appears the court case I reported on regarding Otto Berges, Consumer Protection Counsel, Berges Law Group, and Debt Be Gone; is over after a quick day or so trial.

For those that want to read the backstory, click here.

It looks like Berges and others named in the case by the consumer have lost and now have a final judgment against them for $25,660. – Source


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  • My husband is currently in a similar situation as the previous poster. His mother thought this group would help against his private student loans to which she signed us up in an everlasting battle that has so far resulted in lower credit scores, more debt, and near default of the loans and further action against us. Seeking advice. [email protected]

  • I am very happy to hear that Berges Law group lost this case. This group does nothing but take and take and take.

  • I have signed up with consumer protection council / Berges law to settle my private student loans through Sallie Mae, after reading your site I believe this to be a scam can you put me in contact with a lawyer who could help me with this. you can contact me at [email protected]

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