Will My Dubai Debt Cause Me Problems in the UK?

“Dear Jon,

I left Dubai 3 years ago and had to leave because I lost my job. I owe from the credit card and was still paying for a few months while I wasn’t in Dubai. But after a few months I couldn’t pay back anymore.

My question is I am now applying for a UK visa. Will my UK Visa application be affected because of my debt in Dubai?

Hoping for your reply. Thank you.



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Are you now residing in the UK?

Have you had any contact from the bank(s) in Dubai?

What type of Visa are you applying for?

Regarding your question, to my knowledge you should not have any problems applying for and receiving a Visa. Some Visa’s in the UK can have a financial disclosure portion, but this is more to know how you will support yourself.

You may wish to confirm this with whomever is assisting you in applying for the Visa.



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