A Company is Trying to Collect on a 10-Year-Old Debt From the UAE


“Dear Jon,

I left the UAE Dec 2005 and had all clearances from all banks I did business from. Last month EmiratesNBD said I owed them a loan of 100,000 dhs. I do not even remember taking a loan out from them as I never had an account bank account with Emirates Bank. I did return to the UAE in 2006 for a while on a consulting job was never bothered. now ten years later they are claiming it.

I live in the USA – what can I do about it and can I just ignore the collection company’s emails.



Just a few questions to clarify things.

You said you don’t remember ever taking out the loan. Have you asked the bank for proof of the loan, the original loan agreement?

Is the collection company based in the US or elsewhere?

It may be just a case of mistaken identity if you never took out the loan.

If the loan is yours, depending on who and where the collection firm is, will determine if they can actually collect the account and have any authority to collect the account.



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  1. When I was in Dubai in 2009, I had a credit card with NBD with only AED 5000, during the ressission I lost my job and had to return home. I used to get monthly statements in my email, but I could not pay even the minimum as I had no job in my home country. It had been long since I used that email, last week I checked the email and I received a few emails from collection
    agencies demanding AED 275000. I don’t have that kind of money now, could I perhaps email the bank directly and tell them that I can only pay the principal amout that is aed 5000? I can only pay back the principal amount, it has also already been 9 years… since I left Dubai. Is there a statute of limitations for a UAE debt? I heard it is 15 years… I don’t know what to do ..I m scared that they might ask me to pay the full amount ..which I obviously cannot…anyway out of this..need your best advise.


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