Defense Lawyers – Consumer Complaint – May 19, 2016

Consumer Statement:

I would like 100% refund it I can not get 80%. less that 20% is just not acceptable. I would like some help retrieving my refund guys.

I ran up three credit cards 10 thousand on one, eleven thousand on another and one thousand on my third, equal to around 23 grand. I did some research and found a debt relief program. They signed me up for 287 a month and said my debt would be estimated at 12 grand when they finished negotiating with my credit card companies. At the time it seemed like a great idea but i signed up with them since oct 2015. I thought that I would see some progress and my credit card balances would be taken off my account when i log in to my checking account.

But as time went on I noticed that the credit debt relief company Defense Lawyers, P.A. would call me once every two months or so and say that one of my cards was throwing an offer on the table, but the offer was always the same amount I owed, So i was advised to decline the offer. This took place up to May 2016. I decided to file bankruptcy and beg the federal government to give me a second chance at my credit. I contacted a bankruptcy lawyer and they sounded good and said i will be well on my way 1-2 years from filing, in terms of repairing my credit. so any who, I contacted Defense Lawyer P.A to cancel and they gave me the nastiest attitude, then they only returned $200 bucks out of $1722 that i paid thus far. Now guys due to my already messed up financial situation I would assume that Defense Lawyer P.a Would not take more than 80 percent of the funds that was in my escrow.

I have been calling them down and no help. I am frustrated and broke and was hoping to use that money to pay my bankruptcy lawyer. the simple fact that i am already in debt and for them to rob me like this is just useless. they are claiming thats there fees for doing work but as far as i can see no work was done thus far and not worth 80 percent of my money. please help me CFPB. i would like to obtain at least 80 percent of my refund it not all. I would also like to get this info out to all my fellow citizens in debt and looking for a relief, a true relief.

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Consumer Action Taken:

I would like 100% refund it I can not get 80%. less that 20% is just not acceptable. I would like some help retrieving my refund guys.I would also like to get the word out on my whole experience with Defense Lawyer P.A Debt relief program.

Date This Problem Happened: May 13, 2016

State You Live in: New York


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,750

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Company Name: Defense Lawyers, PA

Company Address:

101 Plaza Real South Suite 204
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Company Telephone Number: 888-444-0253

Website of Company: mydefenselaw.com

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