How Can I Get My Friend in the UK to Pay Me Back

“Dear Jon,

I have a friend who lives in Manchester, UK. She said she is going to put up a business, rental property. We met in the Philippines to talk about it. I let her borrowed 1M pesos by sending wire transfers. Now she cut all communications with me. I cannot even find her on facebook. I sent her a demand letter through a lawyer in the Philippines but she refused to receive the demand letter. It’s been a couple of years and I don’t know anymore what to do.

How do I get the money from her if she lives in Manchester, UK? Can I contact the police there? or send another demand letter? I want to settle this without going to the court because I think I am going to have a heart attack from all the pains she caused me. And I don’t want to incur any more expenses. But if she will not reply, I would have to go to the court to file an estafa case. But where can I file a case against her? I have proof that I sent her the money through her bank account.



Take a few deep breaths, and try to relax, it is not worth stressing yourself over, and you do have some options.

Is your “friend” a UK citizen?

Do you have any details that she may still live in Manchester?

What documents do you have to show the loan was made and what were the terms and conditions of that agreement?

You mention you spoke to a lawyer, what was their advice?

How much money does this add up to in GBP or British sterling?

Sorry for all the questions, but it does aid me in giving advice, and I cannot provide legal advice, which I feel you probably need.

If your friend is a UK citizen and you can document the loan, you would need to find a way to collect the money here in the UK. If you have a loan agreement with a non-jurisdictional clause, you can assign the loan to an agent here in the UK to collect for a fee or percentage.

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If you do not have documentation related to the loan, there is very little you can do but take legal advice there regarding verbal contracts.

If you have documentation for the loan, you could possibly sell the loan to a collection agency here in the UK, to locate and try to collect the debt. The collection agency would then own the loan, and may only pay you a small percentage of what is owed, but it does give you some return on your money.

I hope in some small way this helps.



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