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From the UK: The Costs and Stress Associated With Moving House

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shutterstock_283465211A definition of moving day as per Jon Emge:

Moving Day – “The day you actually physically touch everything you own.”

When you think about it, it’s true. When you move house, you have to pack up all your stuff, and physically carry it from one house to a moving van, and then back into the new house.

That, unless you hire movers.

What got me started thinking about all this is that I moved house last year, and I recently helped a friend move house.

You have to be a good friend to not just help someone move, but they had better be a good friend just to be able to ask you to help.

Your friend may say to you, can you help me move next Saturday, I’ll get us all pizza and beer.

That’s what you want, a bunch of your mates swigging the ale, and then moving all your precious possessions.

There is even an etiquette to having friends help you move.

* Be prepared and have things packed.

* Remember your friends are doing this as a favour.

* Keep in mind it is a physical task moving certain items.

* Scheduling: working around everyone’s schedule.

* Rewards: Beer and pizza, a takeaway, something.

Fortunately for me, my friend for this recent move was packed and prepared everything very well.

About 15 years or so ago I helped someone, who will remain nameless, move and they had nothing packed up at all! And I do mean nothing.

I had a small pick-up truck at the time and was expected to assist in the move due to having said truck. Needless to say it was a long day, and I have not had close contact with the “friend” in question since.

In addition to being a physically demanding job, there is a lot of stress associated with moving, and also some financial strains.

shutterstock_180124274The Search 

It all has to start somewhere, and the beginning is usually the best place.

You first need to make a decision that you are moving, and then search and find a suitable place to move to.

Why are you moving is a good first question to ask yourself??

* Do you require more space, or bedrooms.

* Is the neighbourhood not to your liking.

* Are you going from letting a place to looking to get on the property ladder.

* Are you moving to a completely different area due to work, or to be near family.

There can be many reasons why we move, and the Internet makes searching easy.

Next up, location, location, location, as they say. That is the best place to begin, where do you want to move to?

Once you have decided on a location, and searched for the perfect place to live, you had bets get packing.

Let’s begin with the costs associated with moving.


According to, the average Briton spends over £28,000 moving house four (4) times in their lifetime.

And these expenses seem to keep going up over the years.

Packing Costs: You may need to buy special packing materials or boxes to put your possessions in. In many instances your local shops and stores may be able to hold back some boxes for you for free. With any move I made I always got free boxes from my local shops. Many were glad to get rid of them.

A Van: If you are making the move DIY, you may need to rent or hire a van or truck to move your furniture and fridge, cooker, and washing machine. This is where having good, strong friends can help as well.

Moving Company: If you don’t move DIY, you will need to pay for a moving company, or hire moving men/people to help you make the move. You can use friends and family to help you, which for the price of a few takeaways, can be cheap labour.

Decorating: Depending on if you are moving into a new build property, you may have the added expense of possible laying new flooring or carpeting in the new place. You also may need to paint or make repairs or modifications.

Incidentals: There are so many incidental expenses associated with moving. If the move is over a few days, or even in just one day, you probably will be getting meals out for the first few days of the move until you get the new place and kitchen set-up. If using your own vehicle to move, you will have the added expense of petrol in taking loads from the old house to the new one.

Some additional incidental expenses:

* Removal Insurance: If you are using a moving or removal company, you may wish to purchase insurance.

* Cleaning: If you are leaving a let flat or house, you will want to leave it clean and in good order if you wish to receive any security deposit returned to you.

* Post Redirection: Getting your post redirected is not free any longer. You need to pay a fee depending on how long you wish to have this continue for.

Head of Mortgages at Post Office Money, John Wilcock said, “With prospective home buyers’ attention firmly fixed on saving for a deposit, the additional costs of moving can often come as an afterthought – particularly for first-time buyers who are taking their first steps on the property ladder.”

“Although house prices may continue to rise there are steps buyers and movers can take to reduce the amount they pay on top of this.” 

“Planning ahead is essential and potential home buyers should be setting aside savings specifically for these costs. These ‘add-ons’ should be considered as part of the overall cost of buying or moving home.”  

As you can see moving is not cheap. However, if you prepare in advance, putting pen to paper and saving for these expenses, there will be no financial shocks.

OK, but what about the stress associated with moving house.


Moving house can be exciting and the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life, it also is stressful.

Not much has been done to study this, but anyone who has moved can tell you, it is work and it can be stressful. And not just from a financial standpoint.

Moving is a transition from one place to another. Everything is new.

I remember moving many times as a child and young adult due to my father’s job in the military. Each time we moved, my sisters and I had to get used to and comfortable with the new house, and all the quirks and noises that came with each house.

Especially at night. And anyone can tell you, losing sleep in itself is stressful.

Here are just a few stressful points related to moving:

* Finding the right place to live: Endless searches on the Internet trying to find the exact place and location, and one that is affordable. That in itself can stress one out.

* Packing: Packing all your belongings and labelling boxes so you know what goes where at the new place, and not losing anything in the move.

* Physical work: Moving and carrying boxes, especially up and down stairways, is physically demanding and work.

* Financially: We have discussed the expenses associated with moving, but this does add to the overall stress.

* Settling in: It can take some time for someone to feel comfortable in their new abode. Even with all the research that was done, nothing takes the place of actually living in the new space.

* Children: If you have children, it is a big deal them to move, they may be leaving friends behind, starting a new school, this can add to your stress as a parent as well.

* Unpacking: Then once moved into your new place, there is the unpacking and trying to get some semblance of order in the new place.

* Cleaning: You need to be sure your old place is clean when you leave, and what if there are projects that need to be completed in the new place, like painting, possible cleaning, etc.

* The stress of losing something: Suppose something gets lost in the move.

Have I put you off moving house yet.

I’m not trying to, but the more you know and are aware of what it costs, money wise, and emotionally to move house, the better you can deal with it.

All my friends who may read this and have helped me move, multiple times, will all nod their heads and agree.

,A definition of moving day as per Jon Emge: Moving Day – “The day you actually physically touch everything you own.” When you think about it, it’s true. When you move house, you have to pack u

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  • This is a good breakdown guide leading up to moving day, having a plan will make it go a lot smoother your removal company should be able to advise on a lot of these features

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