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My Old Student Loans are Holding Me Down. – Sharon

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I took a quick, 9 month accounting course back in 1998, but through lack of employment, and neglect. the student loan for which I took to pay for the course has been in default for most of the past 11 years. After completing the course in which I maintained a 4.0 gpa, I was only able to achieve ... Read More »

I’m Considering Letting Some of My Debt Go Delinquent. – Terrell

Ready to Collapse

Terrell “Dear Steve, 2 1/2 years ago my car broke and I made the mistake of charging car rentals to get back and forth to work on my credit card. A $1500 debt climbed to over $4000 within 2 months. Up until January of this year I was able to make the payments. At that point the payments climbed to ... Read More »

I Have an Account With HSBC And They Don’t Want to Settle. – Arvin

Ready to Collapse

Arvin “Dear Steve, I opened an account with HSBC in 2004 for $1,600. I have been making my monthly payments even more than the minimum monthly payment required. However, due to my current financial hardship, I was not able to pay monthly. The interest rate is 23.80% and penalties kept adding to my account in the amount of $39.00. The ... Read More »

I Went to a Second-Hand College and I’m Deep in Student Loan Debt. – Amber

Ready to Collapse

Amber “Dear Steve, In 1999 I went to a second-hand school that due to a family situation I was unable to finish. At the time I didn’t realize I was taking on a loan that was double the amount of my schooling. I am now recently unemployed with 3 children and my loan is in default. A company called VanRu ... Read More »

Where Can I Get a Consolidation Loan to Pay Off My Motorcycle? – Andrew

Ready to Collapse

Andrew “Dear Steve, I have a motorcycle i bought in 06 and i haven’t been able to pay on it for almost a year now. I am about to be sued for the balance i am in default on the loan and it has gone from the credit card company to a collection agencey. Can i get a consolidation loan ... Read More »

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