Laura Hess Allegedly At It Again. It Never Ends. Attorneys Sucked Into Mortgage Relief Scheme.

The Office of the Florida Attorney General filed suit against Joseph Bilotti Jr, Laura Hess, Ralph Consiglio, Gary Robillard, Rahim West, Timothy Healy, Stayhome, William Berger & Associates, Home Defense Law Firm, Home Defense Team, Nationwide Foreclosure Defense, Southeast Billing, Zohar Billings, and Tax Rescue Firm. The lawsuit begins with a reintroduction to Laura Hess …

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CT Kicks More Debt Relief Ass. When Will the Industry Learn to Not Piss Off CT?

Maybe more in the debt relief world can learn by the unfortunate actions below by the Connecticut Department of Banking. I’ll let their words give the lesson that needs to be learned. LOCN, Inc, United Relief Services – December 3, 2014 1. LOCN Inc. d/b/a United Relief Services CEASE AND DESIST from violating Section 36a-671(b) …

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