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We Need to Raise Our Credit Scores So We Can Buy a House. – Cassie

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I would like to purchase our first home, but are having difficulty getting approved for a loan in the amount we desire and can afford. My husband has bad credit (score 585) and quite a bit of collections on his credit report. It consists of an old unpaid loan, unpaid hospital bills, etc… He has ... Read More »

    You Really Helped Me Boost My Credit Score. I’m Forever Grateful. – Ericka

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    “Dear Steve, I have followed your advice before and glad to see a great change in my credit report. I used to have a horrible score of 305, which is the low of the low. When I lost my job in 2007 and my high income, I defaulted on 2 of my credit cards and 2 cell phone companies. I ... Read More »

      How Can I Improve My Credit Score? – Dylan

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      “Dear Steve, 30 years of age. Need to improve credit. Tried MSI. Worked on it myself. Score went from about 600 to 630 in almost 10 months. Just wondering if you have any ideas on improving my score. I gave my MSI review on your website. I’ve already been working on this for a while but all advice is considered. ... Read More »

        How Do I Make the Collector Go After My Ex-Husband For His Debts Instead of Me? – Sarah

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        “Dear Steve, I have made mistakes in the past with bills. I really didn’t care about my credit. I am now 32 and have a credit score of 545 and have woke up to my stupid past. I have 14 derogatory things on my credit report. Most of them are not even over 300. I am making payments on 4 ... Read More »

          I’m Feeling Defeated About My Financial Future. – Nicki

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          Nicki “Dear Steve, When I left college with credit card debt I had no way of paying, no real job and student loans piled on top, I was struggling to keep from drowning in debt. Top that off with medical isses (no insurance) and those bills, it took almost seven years to pay back the largest items after being delinquent ... Read More »

            My Husband Was in Jail and I Was Left Raising Our Child With a Low Credit Score. – Julie

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            Julie “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of a five year old. I recently got a copy of my credit report and was not shocked to find out it was a very low 489. I had several medical problems, which turned into collections and one judgement, as well as some late payments on accounts from 2006-2007. My daughter’s father ... Read More »

              I Got My Credit Report But How Can I Improve My Credit Score? – Melissa

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              “Dear Steve, I received a credit report print out from all 3 credit bureaus. My credit score ranges from 604-639. I have an outstanding debt from a collection agency for $1500. And another for $183. I have paid a car loan off and I have one credit card with a $250 limit,which is current with a zero balance. I also ... Read More »

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