Equity Loan, Home Prices, Money Pain for People That Help Us, and a Controversial Tough Topic That Will Make You Ponder

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast - Steve Rhode

In this podcast, I want to share the following stories that may surprise you. We will start with a loan advertisement that might appear in your mailbox and why you need to watch out. Then we will chat about what will happen with home prices in this uncertain economy. Will they crash? Let’s take a … Read more

You Won’t Believe This Student Loan Forgiveness Insanity. Mobile Homes Exploding, and Rich Folks Living Month-to-Month

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast

You will not believe the craziness the Department of Education is undertaking to forgive student loans for many while punishing the folks that are in the most financial need. In today’s podcast, I talk about how insane this is. If you owe Parent PLUS loans, you can forget about reasonable forgiveness of student loan debt. … Read more

Side Hustles, Gigs, and Making Money on the Side in Your Spare Time – Uber, Lyft, Rover, Handy, Stowit, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Neighbor, Fiverr, Upwork, and More

Debt Free Dudes Podcast with Damon Day

Today Damon and I talk about how to boost your income with side hustles. But, it does not have to be a painful experience. Success is a mindset, and the opportunity to make more money is as close as your smartphone. There is no shortage of apps and things you can do to raise money. … Read more

Don’t Get Pig Slaughtered in a Cryptocurrency Scam

Today we need to have an honest discussion about the most significant growing scam category. Once you finish learning about it in this podcast, you will have to help spread the word to friends, family, and people you know. Don’t let them become a victim. Although cryptocurrency has yet to become a mainstream payment method, … Read more

When it Comes to Government Benefit Fraud You Are Wrong About Who Does It

When it Comes to Government Benefit Fraud You Are Wrong About Who Does It

I was talking with my debt coach friend Damon Day about benefit fraud. It has been about a decade since I last research the issue. Read Welfare and Benefit Fraud Statistics Show a Disturbing Pattern. If you listen to assumptions and opinions about who is behind benefit fraud, you might think the primary offenders are … Read more

I’m Struggling on Disability Income. Is American Consumer Credit Counseling Reputable?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m living on permanent disability and dealing with credit card minimum payments that are eating most of my monthly income. I have been told that ACCC American Consumer Credit Counseling (the nonprofit organization) is great at reducing interest rates and monthly payments by 50%. Is this true? Are they reputable? What could … Read more

Podcast – Straight Talk About Student Loan Forgiveness if You Are in Jail

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast

Yesterday I wrote How to Get Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven if You Go to Prison. The results of my research were so surprising I had to make this podcast as a follow-up. This is just another wrinkle in the ridiculousness created by student loans. After taking a deep dive into this subject, I’m not … Read more

In 2022, Should You Rent or Buy a Home

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast

Should You Rent or Buy a Place to Live No question has been asked more often over my decades of helping people with money, credit, and debt issues than is it is better to rent or buy. Listen to the Podcast You can subscribe to my podcast on any of these sites below.                    The … Read more

How Much Credit Card Debt Should I Carry to Not Harm My Credit Score?

How Much Credit Card Debt Should We Carry to Not Harm Our Credit Score

Question: Dear Steve, I have three credit card accounts, all with Citibank. Two of them are closed. The one open account has a credit limit of $1700. I am just $140 below the limit on it. The other two are at about 40% or less. I am getting dinged on my FICO score as they … Read more