Debt-Counseling Business Owner Pleads Guilty a Second Time for Cheating IRS

The title of this post comes from the headline of the article a reader sent to me from The Columbus Dispatch. According to the paper, Richard Schultz “operates several companies that offer debt counseling and other financial services. But for at least the next three years, Internal Revenue Service agents will be overseeing the debt …

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Debt Collector Claims Debt Collector Owes Them Money

In a twist of irony, National Credit Adjusters, a Kansas based delinquent accounts receivable company has filed suit against Cred X Debt Recovery, James Sauer, Jeffrey Schultz, and Richard Schultz. National Credit Adjusters claimed the following in their suit. “On or about May 24, 2012, NCA contracted with Defendant Cred X to have Defendant collect …

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