The Fulfillment Center Claims 100% Success and 190,000 Clients But That Does Not Appear True

The Fulfillment Center just sent out the following email that makes some pretty incredible claims. From: Yaron Kimelman [mailto:ykimelman@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 9:52 AM To: Yaron Kimelman Subject: Close More Business with FCRA Section 609 {Especially Debt Settlement Business) FCRA SECTION 609 Hello and good afternoon . Nice to be talking with you …

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TFC Warns Customers About Darren Peck, Mark Serebrin & Philip Manger

The Fulfillment Center appears to have an issue with some former marketing representatives who are opening a credit repair company. The infringing company is alleged to be called TFC West and soon to be changed to Safe Haven Credit. I’m curious if Philip Manger is the same Philip Manger that was mixed up in CCDN …

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