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David Takes on Goliath— BudgetWrangler is Now Available for Real People

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After years of frustration with the dismal state of the art in Personal Budgeting Software, Disney artist Tim Landry sighed, took a deep breath, and finally realized he was going to have to do it himself.

“I had tried most all of the major software players,” notes Landry. “You know the ones. Every last one of them had a deal killer lurking inside.  Either they had fatal bugs where the numbers just wouldn’t add up, their User Interface was obtuse, their algorithms were clunky or not useful, or their imports of transaction data from the banks would just fail in a dozen different uncontrollable ways.”

So BudgetWrangler was born. 


In an attempt to find the elusive answer to such simple basic questions as “How much money do I have?” or “Can I afford this?” Landry built BudgetWrangler around the ways artists—and indeed many normal people—need to look at their finances. 

The goal was something simple and secure, without needless complexity, something that just works and helps people feel good about managing their money.

The result was a basic yet versatile tool that begins by making sure all transactions your are accurately imported and checked.  Then routines were added that made the all-important categorization of each transaction as effortless as possible while retaining user control.

That was the hard part.  After that, making reports, finding trends, tracking goals, and analyzing your progress can actually get to be fun.  And it’s all done locally on your Mac or PC so the your data is as secure as possible.

“At first glance BudgetWrangler’s interface probably isn’t going to win any beauty pageants,” admits Landry. “I’m more interested in placing what the user needs in the most obvious place possible at any given time. I figure simplicity is its own kind of beauty.”

“But once users start to get in and get their fingers on their data,” notes Landry, “the power of BudgetWrangler really comes out.”

  • Want to make an Import Rule from a recurring transaction? One click.
  • Find a monthly average for any spending category? Two clicks.
  • Want to know what payments are coming up in the next two weeks? One click.
  • Want to compare last month’s totals to the budget? Two clicks.
  • See all of last month’s entries for a category? One click.

BudgetWrangler is currently a free download with a ten-day free trial.  It’s available as an Introductory Holiday and Tax Season price of only $30 for over 50% off the list price until February 1, 2017.

BudgetWrangler is only available at BudgetWrangler.com.

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