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Budgeting & Budgets

Who is Right About Budgeting Our Money, My Wife or Myself?

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Question: Yo Steve, My wife and I fight, or shall I say disagree, all the time about spending and a budget. She has one opinion and I have another. She says we should not spend more than 25% of our income on housing but I say 33% is alright. Who is right? Jimmy Answer: Yo right back at you Jimmy. ... Read More »

    I’m Willing to Radically Change My Finances to Payoff My Student Loans

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    “Dear Steve, Where to start? I’m a 28 year old married male and am a manager for a private equity portfolio company. My financial stats are as follows: Gross Household Income: $180,000 Private student loan debt (Husband only): $155,000 Public student loan debt (combined): $52,000 Mortgage Debt: $240,000 We currently own our house which is all in (including utilities) approximately ... Read More »

      How Can I Create a Budget When My Income Fluctuates? – Willy

      Variable Budget

      “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I’ve read both your books, The Beach Misses You and Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro. I am a realtor who gets paid on commission only. How can you have a budget when you are a realtor and you get paid on commission? You may have a good month and in that month you are playing ... Read More »

        Are We Headed Down the Right Path? – Maryann

        Maryann Spreadsheet

        “Dear Steve, Our household is grossing $80K a year. Sounds great right? We both have finally gotten our advanced degrees (one Master’s and one PhD). In our fields of choice (education), however, we won’t make much more than we make now, so the likelihood of increased income is slim. We have three teenagers in the house. One in college (with ... Read More »

          Debt Ratio Formula, What Should Ours Be? – Victor

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          “Dear Steve, I started out in college with the only debt being my college loan which was manageable. Then it was suggested that I get a credit card while in college so that I could start to establish some credit. Well I got a credit card, then I got another credit card, and another, now I have high credit card ... Read More »

            Living From Paycheck to Paycheck. – Angelene

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            “Dear Steve, Really high credit card debt accrued through the years of being a student then getting married and having a kid. On top of that, I still have my student loans to pay for and a house mortgage. Our household income is good, it just seems to all go to our debt. We are able to make all the ... Read More »

              I Need Help With Plan A From Your Book Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro. – Jason

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              “Dear Steve, I have lost my job and we have made some mistakes in the past by living on credit. We have taken bankruptcy twice and still can not get it right. We have got rid all of our credit cards but one. I am reading your book and working through it. It states I need to ask you to ... Read More »

                My Husband is Active Duty Military and I Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Carrie

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                “Dear Steve, My family and I are sinking deeper and deeper everyday. We have done alot of things right ,but for everything we do right it seems we do 2 wrong. A normal 1 of the month looks like this: First of the month 1900 Ssi 235 Ssi 188 Clothing allowance 300 Total 2623 House 862 Insurance 153 Power 250 ... Read More »

                  I Have to Use Credit Cards to Pay for Groceries and Gas. – Susan

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                  “Dear Steve, I was working full time (as was my husband) when we purchased our home 10 years ago (May, 2001). We refinanced to a 20-year 5.5% mortgage 7 years ago (Jan, 2004). I had a child in January 2004 and never returned to full time work b/c of my childs medical situation. I can’t catch up. I use credit ... Read More »

                    I Took a Salary Cut, My Mother Got Dementia and Cancer and I Had to Take Care of the Colostomy. – Bill

                    “Dear Damon, I had to take a $18000 salary cut due to a company wide reorganization. In addition, my Mother was stricken with Dementia and Cancer and I took care of her especially after her Colostomy to go around the tumor. I had made a promise to her that I would not put her in a nursing home and although ... Read More »

                      The Bank Converted the Business Line of Credit to a Loan and Want More From Us. – Lisa

                      “Dear Michael, My husband and I lived comfortably and had a good run for the first 10 years of our 22 years of marriage. However, we helped others a little too much and then we ran into some issues when my husband lost his job and we were forced to open up his side business full time. During that time ... Read More »

                        We’ve Been Following the Dave Ramsey Snowball Plan But It’s Not Working for Us. – Shannon

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband lost his job in October 2009. We had to fight the company to get his unemployment, but eventually won. After about six months of searching, he found a job with a university that would give him the opportunity to go back to school to earn his master’s degree for about 90% off the cost of tuition, ... Read More »

                          Should We Pay Off Credit Cards, Student Loans, or Mortgage First? – Cathy

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                          “Dear Steve, We have some debt – 15k credit card (low interest); 10k student loans and 200k house. We pay all on time. We have a little money for margin (about 3k). We are able to keep paying on debt no problem at present. I foresee a complete breakdown of financial system coming in next 5 years, maybe sooner if ... Read More »

                            How Can I Get Out of Debt Faster? – Jennifer

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                            “Dear Steve, I saw you in the Detroit Free Press article. Credit card and loan debt – all bills are paid on time. So, no late fees or over the limit. But, the total for all of it is almost $60,00. I have been trying to give each of them at least $10 – $20 above the min payment. But, ... Read More »

                              We Can’t Seem to Make Ends Meet and Save. Is Bankruptcy Right For Us? – Matt & Patti

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                              “Dear Steve, My wife and I gross $93K. We owe $38K in credit cards, $1290 mortgage and two kids in private HS @$15K/year. Take home is approx. $3200/mo. We are upsdie down on our house by at least $20K. Our current credit scores are – me 690’s, wife low 700’s. We make all our payments on time but emergencies like ... Read More »

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