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The Debt Management Group Partners with Mauriello Enterprises to Offer Accounting and Tax Consulting Services to Clients

Written by Steve Rhode

The Debt Management Group has partnered with Mauriello Enterprises, a federally licensed accounting and tax planning firm, to offer their clients professional tax expertise and advice during and after the debt settlement process. This optional service can help clients to better understand and navigate through any tax laws, required filings, and tax implications that may apply to them.

After the debt settlement process, clients often find themselves facing tax consequences and complications and it is often a very difficult process to navigate through. With complicated tax forms to file and ever changing tax laws, many clients may feel overwhelmed. They often struggle through this intricate process and seek assistance.

Through their partnership with Mauriello Enterprises, The Debt Management Group is now able to offer their clients an added service that offers tax expertise and guidance after the debt settlement process. Mauriello Enterprises is a highly experienced and full service accounting, tax preparation and tax planning firm that offers immense tax knowledge and reputable services to clients. They have the knowledge and expertise to assist debt settlement clients and help them navigate through very complicated tax laws.

Edward Sparacio, President and CEO of The Debt Management Group, added, “We are pleased to begin a strategic partnership with Mauriello Enterprises and we look forward to educating our clients about how to lower their tax liabilities when going through the debt settlement process. Mauriello Enterprises shares our vision to provide our clients with sound financial advice and to guide them through a difficult time with ease.”

Mauriello Enterprises Inc. offers expert accounting, tax preparation and tax planning services to individuals and businesses throughout New York and the tri-state area. For more information, visit

The Debt Management Group has years of experience advising consumers in the area of debt and asset management, risk management, and cash allocation. They guide clients out of financial hardship and establish a framework for a healthy and successful financial future. For more information or to contact a professional debt consultant, please visit – Source

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