The Alan Thicke Article I Didn’t Have the Balls to Write

The Calgary Herald had the balls to write an article I passed on when it was announced Alan Thicke had unexpectedly passed away.

Apparently people in Canada are just a bit bitter about Thicke’s role in Canadians falling into problematic debt settlement with Cambridge Life Solutions.

You can read the full article here.

Their headline was “Alan Thicke, television dad, was the face of predatory debt settlement in Canada.”

Some excerpts from the article.

“Legendary TV dad and noted Canadian Alan Thicke died Tuesday. He was 69 years old. The Ontario native was best known for playing Jason Seaver, the father on the long-running sitcom Growing Pains. But he also played a controversial, if little known part, in the history of Canadian consumer financial regulation.

For a period beginning in 2011, Thicke was the main spokesman for a company called Cambridge Life Solutions. In that role, he served as the official, normalizing face for an outfit that was eventually accused of bilking thousands of vulnerable Canadians.

In the years since, several provinces have outlawed the Cambridge model, and the company itself appears to have gone out of business. But many believe it never could have become as big as it was—one industry insider estimated it had as much as half of the market at one point—without Thicke’s help.”

“Hannah said he tried to reach out to Thicke through his agent in 2012. He wanted to make sure Thicke knew how debt settlement—and Cambridge—really worked. “Our comments were pretty pointed,” he said. But the response he got back was that Thicke and his team had done their research and were fine with what Cambridge was doing.

“My guess,” Hannah said, “is the price he was offered was more than enough to ease his conscience.”



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