Will Our Loan From Saudi Arabia Impact Us in India or the UK?

“Dear Jon,

my wife took a personal loan from Saudi Arabia, we were paying back the loan in monthly installment fro six months. Unexpectedly my wife got terminated from her employer, and she has to return back to India, now she is in UK on Tier2 general migrant visa. Two days before I got an email from bilkish stating an amount that we have to payback to bank otherwise they will move legally and they will blacklist the passport and will be caught while immigration to UK.

My query is as we are not in a position to settle the amount which they asked in one single settlement. Just want to know whether our passport will be blacklisted or we will be suspended from immigration to UK, or it will be affecting our PR status which will be coming on 2019.



From what you have stated, I am assuming your wife is already in the UK, so she has cleared immigration already.

For the most part, owing a debt somewhere is not an issue in obtaining a Visa, or staying in the UK.

Many collection agents make threats about “blacklisting” someone’s Visa or contacting Interpol, or some other wild threat.

If the account is sold, or transferred to an agent to collect it here in he UK, your wife can then set-up a repayment plan as the account has to be collected in accord with he rules and laws in the UK. It also gives your wife access to debt management and insolvency laws here in the UK, which are very consumer friendly.

I would not be too concerned about any permanent residency issues at this time. The laws and rules may change in the next few years, however, currently having debt is not an issue for indefinite stay, however, there is a good character portion to obtain citizenship in the UK. As to having a debt is not of good character is debatable, and to my knowledge not an issue.

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I hope this helps.



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