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UK Tax Authority HMRC Wants to Bankrupt Me in the U.S.

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

HMRC has threaten to bankrupt me I live in the US and just found out about this old debt! I was paying it off then it stopped as I heard nothing and now that they want to bankrupt me and I have UK assets!

I want to avoid paying the debt and being made bankrupt.



You stated HMRC is threatening you with bankruptcy, is this over unpaid or taxes you owe? If so how much do they state you owe?

Why does HMRC state you owe taxes?

Have you discussed this with your or any accountant?

What other bills or debts do you owe in the UK?

What assets do you have in the UK, and possibly elsewhere in the world?

How long was the time frame that you never heard anything about the debt?

Saying you want to avoid paying a debt that is owed, and being made bankrupt, is like saying I am never going to die. If you owe an account, at least here in the UK, the creditor does have bankruptcy as a tool to collect that account.

Have you looked at other repayment options? Such as a debt management plan.

If you can provide me more details and information, I’d like to look at this closer and see what options you have.



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