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Can Coyle White Devine Make Me Bankrupt in the UK for UAE Debts?

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

I left the UAE in May 2008 and left a credit card debt of around £12K.

I now have Coyle White Devine chasing the debt. they are using UK law and UAE Law to chase the debt saying that they will make a petition to bankrupt me in UK courts but that the Limitation Act 1980 doesn’t come in to effect as this is a UAE debt!

Coyle White Devine are saying they will make a petition to bankrupt me in UK courts but that the Limitation Act 1980 doesn’t come into effect as this is a UAE debt is this correct?



The question you ask is a good one, and also of a legal nature. I cannot provide legal advice.

I can say I have in the past spoke with CWD, and they agreed with me that while they can attempt to collect accounts that were originated outside the UK, they must be collected in accord with UK laws.

You also are afford the rights we have here in the UK as a debtor; you can enter into a debt management plan, IVA, etc.

My guess is that with the limitation act, the question is and will be, did the creditor try to make contact during that six year period;

Have you had any contact from the original bank in the past, and/or did they attempt to contact you but may not have had your current details?

If the limitation/statue barred is not in effect for whatever reason, then it is possible for CWD to make you bankrupt. Of course if they were to do this, they would need to prove the debt.

Do you have any assets, such as property in the UK?

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan?

Let me know.



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