Heavily Criticized 4552-DEBT Credit Counseling Mailer Still Landing in Mailboxes

A couple of years ago I wrote about an advertising piece that consumers were receiving. See this post.

But the same mailer the BBB was critical of and that raised concerns for me, is still being sent out apparently.

This “Administrative Office” 4552-DEBT mailer claims to look like an official government mailer and make a bunch of claims. The most glaring is that while the piece pushes the fact a “Non-Profit 501c-3” program, the fine print says something entirely different.

“Consumer maybe referred to a Non-Profit or For-Profit Debt Relief Agency…” Emphasis added.

Maybe the most discouraging issue is this deceptive mailer is still going out so it must still be making the phone ring and punching up the sales board.

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2 thoughts on “Heavily Criticized 4552-DEBT Credit Counseling Mailer Still Landing in Mailboxes”

  1. thank you for posting! I just received this mailer for 2018. I thought it seemed like junk, but it has just enough realness to it that I googled it and found your notes! Thank you!!

  2. I just received such a mailer for 2017 4552-DEBT. I’m shredding it. Seems like a scam as any reputable organization will include their name prominently on the mailer and on the return address, etc.


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