Will My Bank Overdraft Hurt My Chances of Getting a UK Spouse Visa?

“Dear Jon,

I will be applying for my my wife spouse Visa soon.

My question is presently iam earning £25,000 and fulfilling all the requirement, my question is I will be applying for my SPOUSE VISA in July 2017, but i am very worried as my bank account is overdrawn by £200 in JAN, FEB & MARCH.

will be application will be rejected on the basic of overdrawn.
Looking Forward to hear from you .


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From my experience and knowledge of spouse Visa’s having a small overdraft on your account should not be an issue.

Is Immigration asking for bank statements? If so, it may be just to verify your income, and that you meet the income level that is required if your spouse is not working and/or you are bringing them to the UK.

Can you pay the £200? If so, you may wish to do this.

Again, to my knowledge, having a small overdraft alone should not hinder the Visa process. However, it may be a sign of other financial issues.



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