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Residential Support Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2017

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I received a notice in the mail regarding a government program that we could be eligible for. The mailer seemed very legitimate to me at first. It gave a phone number for a “home retention specialist – available Monday to Saturday”, it mentioned that I could be eligible for government-backed programs HAMP, MHA, GSE, HARP, SMI and so I called it right as I got the mail. All the information in the flier matched our situation with a hardship we applied for and the whole setup seemed to be ideal considering our situation.

I spoke with a young gentleman by the name of Connor Gallows who was real courteous and assured me that their company would work with my lender to restructure the terms of my loan based on government-backed programs that matched with my hardship. The programs I could be eligible for would “force” the lender to lower the payment amount because they were backed by the government, all it would require is for me to make 3 payments of $1,050 for a total of $3,150 to show that I can make those “lower” monthly payments in the future.

I feel saddened that I actually believed this would work and I paid Residential Support Group. They truly did nothing and had no power to do anything with my lender. I wasted my time and money on a fake company with fake services.

Consumer Action Taken:

On the phone and through emails I was passed from a person to another without my consent. From Connor Gallows to Leslie Castro, to Jessica Ibarra, to Nina Castillo, to Maria Evans, to Rosa Lopez, to a new person each time. They seemed like they just wanted me off the phone when I did get to speak to someone. Like they were very busy, too busy to speak. It wasn’t long before I figured I lost my money and my time. Like the worst nightmare I could have really.

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I am currently facing foreclosure on my home and Residential Support Group and their people made it much worse for me. All I have is to take it up to my lender directly and hope not to lose my home. I could have used the amount I wasted to help my situation. I feel dumb that I actually trusted this could work..

Date This Problem Happened: July 22, 2016

State You Live in: California


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,150

Company Name: Residential Support Group

Company Address:

1600 Broadway Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202

Company Telephone Number: 888-665-0905

Website of Company:

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