Reserve Belize – Sanctuary Belize Appears in Wall Street Journal Article

Andris Pukke from the debt relief world had long been involved with a development in Belize. The development was called Sanctuary Belize and created a very interesting set of stories, click here.

The Wall Street Journal is now on the story with an article just out – “The Reserve Belize: A Cautionary Tale About Buying Property Overseas.” The WSJ said, “How things got messy at this luxury development in Belize, previously known as Sanctuary Belize: feuds, delays and a tangle of lawsuits. When Nancy Cunningham, a saleswoman in Delaware, bought a lot in 2008 in an up-and-coming real-estate development in Belize, she thought she and her husband Ken had made a great investment, she said.”

The rest of the article is behind a paywall. You can click here to access it.


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