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Could I Be Denied a Student Visa in the UK Because of Debt?

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

I was in the UK as an international student, but I’m back home for a bit and will be returning back in September but need a new visa to do so.

My question is, could I be denied a student visa if I have unresolved rent issues with my former landlord (up to the amount of 6k GBP) or could this affect me getting into the country, I do plan to pay this debt when/if I am back in the country, of course.



Have you had any contact with your previous landlord regarding the rent? How do you intend to repay the rent once back in the UK? Can this be repaid prior to returning to the UK?

Do you know if the landlord has sought out a CCJ/County Court Judgment or any other legal means to collect the debt?

Have you discussed this with who is aiding you in completing your student Visa application?

To our knowledge having an unpaid debt or account, or rent, is not in itself a reason for a student Visa to be denied. However, Immigration laws are constantly changing here in the UK. I would advise you to inquire with Immigration/the Home Office here, and also with who is assisting you in applying for the Visa.

Again, I have not heard of this being an issue, but it would be good to know the extent of what the landlord has done to collect the unpaid rent.



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