Bilkish from Pakistan Wants to Collect My Oman Debt in the UK

“Dear Jon,

Recently BILKISH LLc has contacted me from Pakistan that they have been passed on to them non resolved dept from VISA HSBC card from Oman which I took in 2000. Since then I moved to UK and now I am UK national. They keep calling me asking me to settle the account otherwise they will take an action.

What action they can take against me in UK. They are harassing me.



Unless they pass the account or sell the account to an agent or collection company here in the UK, they have limited if no authority here in the UK.

If the account were to be passed to a UK agency, they have to collect the account according to the laws here in the UK. In addition, you have access to the UK’s debt management and insolvency options to resolve the account.

We have heard how “heavy handed” and threatening Bilkish can be. Let me know anything else they may say to you, or any correspondence. Thanks.



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