Why the Hell is Education Secretary DeVos Praising Trump for Climate Change Dump?

Written by Steve Rhode

Betsy DeVos, the Secreatry of Education has done it again and defied logic. Why the Department of Education is spouting off to praise the Trump Administration for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, is beyond belief.

Is it not possible for the Department of Education to focus on student and student loan issues rather than get involved in climate change? The answer sadly is apparently not. Now they’ve got to wade into climate change issues.

Here is the entirety of the nonsensical position of the Secretary of Education, “The announcement made today by the President is one more example of his commitment to rolling back the unrealistic and overreaching regulatory actions by the previous Administration,” said Secretary DeVos. “President Trump is making good on his promise to put America and American workers first.” – Source

What a tool.

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