With less than 100 students, Judson College will file for bankruptcy and close

Judson College, a Baptist school for women, announced that it will close its doors in July and file for bankruptcy. Only 12 new students enrolled at Judson for the 2021 fall semester, and only 80 current students committed to returning in the fall. As a Baptist news story commented, “Operating a college for fewer than … Read more

Is Getting an MBA Worth It?

The question of whether it’s worthwhile to obtain a Master’s in Business Administration—an advanced and versatile degree that can help people ascend into management analysis and/or strategy roles—is a highly personal one without a real single objective answer. As usual with financial and personal decisions, the answer tends to be “it depends.” The last decade … Read more

Do College Credits Expire?

You’ve probably seen them on the TV news, or found their photos in your Facebook feed: Men and women in their 80s and 90s who’ve finally realized a long-held dream of earning a college degree. And perhaps, inspired after hearing their stories, you wondered to yourself: Hmmm. I would love to go back to college … Read more

The Child Care Industry Was Collapsing. Mrs. Jackie Bet Everything on an Impossible Dream to Save It.

Father and Child

Jackie Thomas pulled up to her child care center, Damion’s Place, picked up the mail and stretched out beside a baby on a giraffe-printed playmat. She opened a letter from state regulators who had sent over a motion in their case to shut her down. In the chaos of the past year, they’d found Jackie’s … Read more

New Law May Cause For-Profit Colleges to Collapse

The House of Representatives passed a $1.9 trillion relief bill a few days ago, and the legislation is now before the Senate. House Democrats inserted a provision that would modify an obscure statute that requires for-profit colleges to obtain at least 10 percent of their revenues from non-federal student aid. The purpose of the 90/10 … Read more

What Happens When Your Liberal Arts Degree Doesn’t Pay Off?

Late last year, the University of Vermont announced it will shut down two dozen academic programs with low enrollment. Geology, religion, and Asian studies are on the chopping block, along with several language programs–Greek, Latin, and German. At least three departments will close Religion, Classics, and Geology. Some minors are being eliminated–Theatre and Vermont Studies. … Read more

How to Afford to Go Back to School as an Adult

Adults are going back to school for lots of different reasons these days, including career changes, keeping up with developments in their field, learning new skills, and personal enrichment. At many colleges, students may be senior executives, retirees, or working moms. Going back to school when you’re older, whether it’s to get an advanced degree, … Read more

College Students Sue Their Universities for Tuition Refunds After Schools Went to Online Instruction Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Justice Legal

By Richard Fossey & Todd A. DeMitchell As Inside Higher Education reported last spring, college students in several states sued their universities for tuition refunds after the schools switched from face-to-face instruction to an online format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens of cases have been filed all over the United States against both … Read more

Colleges of Education–Higher Education’s Cash Cows–are Suffering from Malnutrition

Colleges of Education have been higher education’s cash cows for more than half a century, but the cash cows have gotten sick. Fifty years ago, the education schools were packed with undergraduates–mostly young women–working on their bachelor’s degrees in elementary education. Many of them wanted to spend their careers teaching children, and others chose to … Read more

I Got Screwed at Argosy University and Now Not Happy With South University

Question: Dear Steve, My enrollment for college stemmed from filling out online job applications for numerous attempts to gaining employment. I was bombarded by college recruiters and eventually signed up with Argosy University online. I was still attending Argosy at the time they closed and then was talked into transferring to South University online as … Read more