No Debt, Ultimate Debt Solutions, Credit Profiles, and Gregg Wright Email Raises Questions And Results in Ripoff Report

A few days ago I received a copy of an email purported to be sent out by a Gregg R. Wright at No Debt, LLC, Ultimate Debt Solutions, LLC, and Credit Profiles, LLC.

The email raised a number of concerns and rather just write about it from my point of view I reached out to Matt Hearn from Mstars for his impression from his debt relief compliance expertise point of view as well.

See Matt’s review at Matt Hearn’s Review of No Debt, Ultimate Debt Solutions, Credit Profiles Consumer Sales Email by Gregg Wright

Unfortunately for Matt, asking for his help appears to have resulted in this Ripoff Report from someone apparently at No Debt.

Rather than get into a big investigative piece, let me just share with you the key items in this research and I welcome your take on things. Please feel free to post your comments and feedback in the comment section below.

No Debt Marketing Email Sent to Consumer

No Debt and Gregg R. Wright do not dispute this email was sent to a consumer. I have redacted out some information with XXX

Dear xxxxxxx,

There is a fine line between help and harassment:

Given that we have hundreds of inquiries daily. I do not have the luxury of leaving more than a few messages and emails, before suspending a file.

My records show that based on your $XX,XXX, in unsecured debt:
We can have you debt-free in 36 months or less for around $XXX.XX, a month!

As your Attorney in fact we have what is called a fiduciary responsibility to work in YOUR best interest, as we aggressively strive to:

Render up to 80% of your unsecured debt un-collectable, and un-reportable, then settle the rest!

Allow interest-free, affordable monthly payments.

We do all this in 12 to 36 months (Depending upon YOUR financial circumstance).

Improve your credit score, as well as Credit Clean Up!

Assist you in obtaining NEW lines of Credit!

Our Program concentrates on legal debt invalidation & Settlement, and routinely defends consumers against credit card companies and collection agencies.

Upon completion of our program, we enable you to obtain new credit!

BECAUSE you are not escrowing 100% to settle debts which in most cases we can eliminate, our program is half as much as conventional debt settlement, and 36 months or LESS in length.



We have a 25 year track record of success.

We have ZERO consumer complaints for our services.

We have maintained an A rating with the BBB, without having to pay for accreditation.

We have a 100% success rate.


We are the opposite of Bankruptcy, and give you a fresh start for up to 50% less than Conventional Debt Settlement!

You also have the option to leave a card out, continue to use it, and buy it down with what we are saving you.

I look forward to helping you become Debt-Free when YOU are ready, and I can re-open your file at that time.

Until then I wish you the VERY best!

Gregg R. Wright
Director of Compliance & Affiliates

Toll Free (XXX) XXX-XXXX
No Debt LLC – Ultimate Debt Solutions LLC – Credit Profiles LLC
9170 E Bahia Dr. Suite 203-A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

This is What Happened Next

Yesterday Matt Hearn elected or decided to call the company and talk to them to perform his evaluation of the email.

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Apparently following that call someone posted the following Ripoff Report on Matt and I. The report was allegedly submitted by a Duch Manne in Dallas and says:

“Steve Rhodes… Where to begin… So this guy is something else in that he is out to scam and slander every company out there in order to promote his worthless debt website. Considering that he lacks the inability to succeed on his own merits, he attempts to slander the competition in order to have an opportunity to succeed.

He has called my business several times along with his scam artist partner Mathew Hearn, pretending to be a distressed client just to get information on how other companies succeed. Not only that, but he tries to acquire information in order to slander them on his website.

My company has a software that tracks caller id. I had a call from Matthew Hearn, from MSTARS (Scam), pretending to be a distressed cleint and get information out of me. When I realized who he was, he got angry and agressive with me trying to pry out more information.

Overall, these two are two clowns trying to steal money from innocent people like you. If you do business with them you WILL regret it. Their lies and deceipt will drive you to the ground.

SCAM ARTISTS at their finest. BEWARE! – Source

Before I was even aware of the Ripoff Report posted I had sent Gregg an email letting him know I had just a few questions for the article I was writing regarding the consumer email he had sent.

My Email to Gregg

Originally I emailed No Debt and Gregg a copy of the client email and asked:

My original email to Gregg, “Hi Greg,

I received a copy of this email you sent to a consumer and I have a number of questions. Can you answer them for me or connect me with someone who can?


Gregg responded “Happy too!”

My next email said:

“​Thanks Gregg. I really want your voice to be heard in my piece. If you can get me your answers by this Sunday [nearly three days from the time I sent the email] I can include them in the final piece.

Yesterday Matt Hearn called your office​. You may have spoken with him. As a debt relief industry compliance professional I asked him if he would be kind enough to give me his assessment of the claims made in the email you sent to a consumer.

I have a few simple questions of my own.

1. You claim a 25 years track record of success but as I did my research to verify I came across a hodge podge of companies and programs that make up that timeframe. Including some history of selling the discredited Money Merge product. Can you walk me through your 25 years of success with No Debt, LLC and how you’ve have zero consumer complaints over those 25 years. And have maintained an A Rating across all of those enterprises.

2. Please help me to understand your 100% success rate claim using the FTC guidance in “Information You Must Disclose to Customers” in https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/debt-relief-services-telemarketing-sales-rule-guide-business

3. How do you not fall into the CROA trap when you are making credit repair claims and charging a fee? See http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid%3AUSC-prelim-title15-chapter41-subchapterII-A&num=0&edition=prelim

4. You say “routinely defends consumers​”​ so do consumers pay extra for this supposed legal representation and does the client establish an attorney-client relationship with an attorney in their state for this representation?

Thank you in advance.


The No Debt Outrage Response

In response I received the response from No Debt I requested. I told Gregg I would be sure to include it in my piece and he said, “OK.”

“Dear Steve,

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In response to your 6/5 email I was awaiting a correspondence such as this. Having listened to the recorded conversations with Matt (Caller ID Jannessa Hearn) both Malcolm and myself, and only being a Representative of this company, I can only forward your request to Malcolm.

Having seen what you do to companies who don’t comply to your request on internet reporting sites, of course I will encourage him to respond, unfortunately, It can only be my opinion as I have no pull here.

That being said, I am forwarding your request to Malcolm, and if he does opt to respond, I’m sure he would want his attorney to review both questions and answers prior to sending them. That being said (and again, as was my entire conversation with Matt: Only my opinion) the response deadline of Sunday, is simply unrealistic.

I truly wish you just responded to the original email or called me directly, this was handled very badly.

Had Matt simply introduced himself as an assessment officer with questions on behalf of Steve Rhodes, I would not have been looking throughout my database to find a non-existent file! Then adamant that I sent him the email which he forwarded from “undisclosed sender”? I didn’t know what to think until I saw the duplicate formatting of the same email you sent me on 6/6.

After asking the owner what he does, and then telling him YOU DO NOT! (not knowing that IS basically what he does do): Pretty much ended that conversation. Then calling each of us multiple times with threats of calling back “OR ELSE”, is not conducive to achieving an objective response, and beyond normal, professional, expected protocol …

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

I am forwarding this to Malcolm and hope this complex inquiry can be resolved as simple as possible.

Gregg R. Wright”

My Observation

Unfortunately Gregg as a representative of No Debt seems to have avoided answering the questions I submitted and it seems very coincidental that the Ripoff Report was posted about me. Especially since it contains so many inaccuracies.

You see Matt Hearn and I are not partners and have no business relationship. Also, I never called the company as Gregg claimed. Matt was just the unlucky fellow I contacted from the debt relief industry side to give me his impression of the email. Sorry Matt.

Gregg claims people should avoid doing business with me but he missed the fact I sell no products or services so there is no opportunity for consumers to do any business with me.

If or when Matt Hearn can gives me his permission to publish his side of this event and his impression of the marketing email sent out by No Debt, I’ll gladly share it with you.

Matt gave me his permission to post his review. You can see it here.

And ironically, none of this article really has anything to do with my concerns with the email sent to the consumer.

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