Corporate Bailout and American Funding Group Named in Sexually Charged Suit

A reader sent me a tip about debt relief company Corporate Bailout and American Funding Group in the news.

Included int he article is a cellphone video that was leaked titled, “Stripper Gives lap Dance in Office.”

Mark Mancino is named in the story and lawsuit by their former HR Director. But this isn’t the first time Mancino has been accused of such lewd behaviour. Complaints about him back in his Legal Helpers days.

Four years ago I had received an email from Mark Mancino who asked to have the old story about his sexual antics removed from the site. In 2013 I removed the story because I believed Mancino’s claims the story was hurting his kids.

At the time I had told Mancino, “I am a husband and father myself so I understand. And if there were not kids involved, considering the story, I would probably not have pulled it.”

This was in light of Mancino saying, “I am most certainly ashamed of the mistakes that I have made in the past and vow to myself and to my family to learn from them. I thank you so very much for helping in not allowing my children to have to be saddened by their fathers issues in years past.”

Apparently the lessons learned were short lived if we believe the accusations made in the new suit.

From the story ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has got nothing on this raunchy firm: suit.

In one raunchy example of the alleged debauchery, owner Mark Mancino and manager Michael Hamill were described as regularly summoning a female sales representative to a private office by shouting out, “Wendy — get your t-ts in here.”

Once she was inside the office, Hamill and Mancino could be heard taking turns “motorboating” her breasts, the Middlesex County lawsuit said.

Mancino was also accused of hiring a 22-year-old woman he met at his gym for a $60,000 job and “unlimited access” to the corporate credit card. In exchange for the job and other lavish gifts — including a car and a $4,000 Gucci purse — the worker “wore provocative outfits in the office and, during meetings, intentionally bent over so Defendant Mancino could gawk at her body and rub her inner thigh,” the lawsuit alleges.

Workers were told to keep the alleged affair from Mancino’s wife, who learned about it anyway and is in the process of divorcing Mancino, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit also described the time a female employee, encouraged by male managers, lifted her skirt and pressed her bare butt against a glass conference room window for the entire office to see.

Instead of reprimanding or disciplining the employee for the bizarre office strip show, accounts receivable manager Michael Marino gleefully threw himself against the other side of the glass and began “air humping” the worker, proudly exclaiming, “How else could I respond to that?!,” the lawsuit said.

Here is my takeaway, if the allegations in this new suit are true, the ultimate fool here was me for believing Mancino’s past pleas of being a changed man and caring about wanting to protect his wife and children.

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Let me close with Mancino’s own words to me from 2013, “I’m not saying that I became a Saint but I have made it a point since all this information hit your site to be a better husband, father and live my life putting the greater good before myself.”

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