Business Debt Settlement Companies Settle Suits By Lenders

A pair of business funding groups has been hammering business debt settlement companies in court. Yellowstone Capital, EBF Partners, and Everest Business Funding have been filing suits claiming the debt settlement companies have no right to get in their way. According to deBanked, “A group of debt settlement companies and ISOs have entered into a … Read more

Corporate Bailout and American Funding Group Named in Sexually Charged Suit

A reader sent me a tip about debt relief company Corporate Bailout and American Funding Group in the news. Included int he article is a cellphone video that was leaked titled, “Stripper Gives lap Dance in Office.” Mark Mancino is named in the story and lawsuit by their former HR Director. But this isn’t the … Read more

Nationwide Referral Services Says Sharing Fees With Lawyers for Debt Settlement Fees is Illegal

A reader sent me a tip that a case between Safeguard Support Services and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution in Florida was still ongoing but in talks to settle. I’ve written about the case before. See Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Accused of Orchestrating Conspiracy by Safeguard. The reader said: The other and most recent has both … Read more

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Jeffrey Hyslip, and Mark Mancino Accused of Sexual Harassment

Sara Mobley v. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution In this case which was moved to Federal Court on September 23, 2011, Mobley files suit against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Macy, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns and Jeffry Hyslip. This is not the typical LHDR case. Here we have an case involving allegations of sexual harassment and sexual … Read more

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Accused of Orchestrating Conspiracy by Safeguard

According to court documents, a former Legal Helpers Debt Resolution marketer is none too happy with either Legal Helpers Debt Resolution or Nationwide Referral Services. The following information is alleged or stated in court documents filed in Federal court on September 8, 2011. Safeguard Support Services (“Safeguard”) is located in Florida and was a branch … Read more