Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP – CFPB Complaint

Date Received: 2017-07-16T00:00:00

Product: Credit card debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: ( 1 ) Filed a ” verified complaint ” with XXXX XXXX XXXX Court in XXXX .
( 2 ) Sent a letter to ” XXXX NY ” house to use the 30-day window to bypass the 30-day window to verify the debt with full knowledge the debtor did not reside at the location ; thus, no answer/dispute would be filed ( 3 ) Refused to use emails or any effective methods to communicate with the debtor ( 4 ) Did not send any mail ( 5 ) Did not verify the Debt ( 6 ) Attempting to sue/collect unverified debt in an out of residence state ( 7 ) Debtor has been living in XXXX for three years, XXXX before, and XXXX before that, and now in XXXX ( 8 ) Creditor is attempting to acquire judgment on what is presumed to be unsecured and dissoluble debt through bankruptcy or settlement ( 8 ) Creditor is attempting to seek preferential payments over other lenders in attempt to break DOJ Trustee guidelines Experience : In XXXX , it took the XXXX over eight years to fight out a civil war and a cultural ” revolution ” to seize the wages, wealth, and property from the public. In America, the Creditor using the legal system can seize wages, wealth, and property from the public in 60/90-days. In XXXX , you can ” own ” a residence ( 99-year leases and no taxes ) but the land belongs to the CPC forever. In America, you can keep your house as long as you pay your private mortgage ( 30 years ) but the property taxes are forever. And, if you do n’t pay those, the government seizes property for unpaid property/income taxes. Tell me again about the true meaning of private property and ownership?

In XXXX , the government provides key and vital services at subsidized cost ; thus the public has enough capital/cash to buy fancy cars, travel and pay for their kids American/ XXXX education in cash. The public does not have much debt but cash at hand. Moreover, the government gives ” free ” 99-year leases to citizens in growing and mega cities to populate those, and unlike the US, the property inflation is set at 3-8 % annually. The centralized economy ensures that property values do not decline and debt is only for the business sector to stimulate growth. The cost of living is low, food is cheap and labor is very cheap, which makes the salaries very high compared to the cost of living. In America, labor is overpriced, cost of living is expensive, dollar deflated ( to maximize exports ) and the public is knee deep in debt while the government fails to offer any subsidized services, manage the economy, control the private lending, provide proper healthcare, education, infrastructure, or has any command over the crumbling public debt. Tell me again how XXXX , XXXX , XXXX , and XXXX ( all Anglo-Saxons ) can offer free healthcare, education to the public and stabilize the economy and property inflation rates.

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The true meaning of freedom is the right to your own labor, wealth, and property. If the American public is deprived of its wealth, wages, and property through financial servitude – are we really free?

Go back to the drawing boards and take a look at centralized economies and open market economies.
( 1 ) Why is the public debt so high?
( 2 ) Why are our wages so low?
( 3 ) Is the US dollar under priced and deflated?
( 4 ) Are we under taxing the private sector and overtaxing the public?
( 5 ) How can we free up public funds to provide fully subsidized healthcare and education?
( 6 ) Why are we not able to afford our life style with our salaries but instead have to depend on credit ( debt )?

XXXX are cash rich while Americans are debt Rich. We have the most people in jail while they have the most people in Universities. We have the most homeless, they have the most government funded housing projects in the world. We have the lowest employment rates with the most people out of work, they have the most people in the workforce with the highest ratio in upward income mobility. They have raised 500 million people out of poverty, while we are driving millions of people into poverty. We are worried about being fired, laid off, or terminated, they are worried about losing their ” face ” if they resign from one employer to another. Our public is on the street marching for equality, respect and protesting over something, their public is at home with friends and family waiting for the government to fix their problems and in their perception – the government has because they are now eating Australian beef, drinking Iceland water, and driving German cars. Tell me again how I can compete with them If I ca n’t even keep my home, bank account, and my future wages in the land of the free?

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Please fix this. We need a win, and we need our government and private sector to do the right thing. Dollars and cents are not everything – nations rise and fall on the backs of its people – without the public, there is no private sector or the public sector. Perhaps we can learn something from our competitors and history.

Regards, XXXX XXXX .

Company: Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP

State/Zip: NY 105XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: No

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2575941

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