CCAP – Credit Card Assistance Program Mailer Review

A wonderful reader sent me a mailer they received. They sent it through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

This time we have the Credit Card Assistance Program mailer. They also call it the CCAP.

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You have to laugh at the statements about being qualified to participate. This is nothing more than an advertisement for some debt relief company who is not willing to identify themselves. And the statement that “enrollment is limited in the city of” the receivers town, is unbelieveable.

It is hard to imagine that a company who sends a mailer that does not identify themselves is really going to limit the number of people who might accidently call the disposable number on the mailer.

The benefits of the mysterious CCAP effort are interesting as well. If the program is not debt settlement or bankruptcy or a “costly debt management program” then what magic solution are they offering that will reduce debt and lower payments.

This reads to me like a total fishing expedition for unsuspecting consumers who will fall for the sales pitch.

So what the mailer seems to say is debts will be reduced by 60%, the single monthly payment will be less than you are paying now, the program is not costly, there will be no notation on your credit report, and you will be out of debt in 12 months. LOL.

Keep in mind the fake check at the bottom of the mailer is void after 30 days. Funny, the whole thing seems to be void on arrival.

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