Credit Associates Says Don’t Declare Bankruptcy and Don’t Consolidate

An interesting commercial for Credit Associates passed in front of my eyes this morning. What struck me was the blanket statements that people with debt problems. The commercial boldly says, “Don’t Declare Bankruptcy,” and “Don’t Consolidate.” It also says their services have “No Risk” and can “Virtually Eliminate Your Debt” with debt settlement.

Watch the commercial below and let me know what your impression is of it by posting your opinion in the comments.

This is just my humble opinion but this specific commercial seems like one that will draw the attention of regulators and others.

So why exactly should people not declare bankruptcy or consolidate?

Steve Rhode
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1 thought on “Credit Associates Says Don’t Declare Bankruptcy and Don’t Consolidate”

  1. It’s false advertising. There is no “right” to settle a debt. There are many examples of how these companies mislead consumers, and do more damage than good. They need to be more closely regulated, if not outlawed.


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