Why Does Keiser University Say I Owe Them Money?


Dear Steve,

So a debt collector contacted me saying that there is a $4,000 balance that was owed from Keiser. I was wonder if that had to do with the actual school loan because I log into the mohela site and it lists only an upcoming loan monthly payment due but not the 4k they said they needed now. There are no late loans or anything within my account on Mohela. It says I’m still in the GRACE period, but I already set up a payment method for the first loan that is coming up.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I was wondering what that 4k that Keiser seems to be asking for was? Seems like I’m fine on the Mohela website. Just curious, thank you.



Dear Roberto,

It could very well be you owe a debt to Keiser University that was not paid for with a student loan.

The only thing I know for certain is you have a mystery at the moment. I would suggest you contact the business office at the campus you attended and ask them what the $4,000 is owed for.

It’s interesting the collector claims you owe Keiser University so it certainly appears this is a debt owed to the school and not regarding a student loan.

More information is needed.


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