I Get Threatening Phone Calls From Bellman & Sterns

Question: Dear Steve, Every once in a while, I get a weird voice mail threatening legal action through county court services claiming the caller’s client has attempted to contact me several times. The callback number given is 833-259-6457, which a search links to Bellman & Sterns, https://www.bellmanandsterns.com/. I’m not hard to find; having just purchased …

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I Keep Getting Threatening Emails About a Debt

Labp’s Husband is Mentally, Emotionally and Financially Abusive. What Should She Do?

Question: Dear Steve, I keep getting threatening e-mails saying that I will have to hire a lawyer, appear in court, & other threats. What should I do? Paul Answer: Dear Paul, It’s hard to give some general advice on your situation. I’d love to label all such emails as a scam but there is always …

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