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Will I Be Arrested in Sri Lanka for My Debts? – Ahmed

“Dear Mr Steve-

I am a Sri lankan by nationality, i have a total debt of 250,000 with one huge loan amounting 120,000 with one bank alone.

I had lost my job almost 6 months back and i am back in my home country.

I have even received calls from local recovery agents here in Sri Lanka. Will they be able to file a police case on my name here in Sri lanka or would those banks in Dubai be able to take any legal action against me in Sri Lanka.

Please help

Your advise is much appreciated

Thanks a million & Regards


Dear Ahmed,

The bottom line is ultimately I am not that familiar with Sri Lankan debt regulations so I have to give you some more generalized advice.

It is unlikely you will be arrested in Sri Lanka for debt problems in Dubai. While Dubai does toss people in jail for debt problems it only happens to people physically in Dubai, not their home countries, unless potentially they live in the Gulf GCC countries.

In matters such as this you can never go wrong with finding a local legal representative or attorney to discuss this situation with. An attorney is a legal professional who’s job it is to know and understand the local law.

An attorney is not going to turn you in or arrest you. The attorney will advise you. And while that advice might cost a small amount, it will provide you with a large benefit, knowledge and comfort.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Hi Steave,

    I also have same matter but amount is AED 84k. i am in india will there be any leagal action they will take on me if yes how should i tackle with that.


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