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Conduent Refuses to Give Me Anything to Prove I Owe Them on My Student Loan

By on November 14, 2017


Dear Steve,

Old student debt from 2004, federal loans were held by a company called ACS. ACS has been sold to Conduent at the start of this year. This month I noticed the website changed, and asked for chain of title. They’ve refused.

So what do I do now? They flat out have said it’s not available to the customer. It’s my debt! Do I have any legal backing here, something I could cite that would make them prove they even still own my debt?



Dear Amy,

It is quite possible you do have a very good issue worth investigating if the creditor is unwilling to provide you with the information to support the validity of your account.

However, if you had little doubt that the loans were valid and you were paying on them under ACS, then the transfer to Conduent would most likely create little in the way of new issues.

As Conduent says, “No changes will be made to the servicing of your student loans, and you do not have to do anything differently when managing your student loan account(s).” – CONDUENT FAQ_new

You see both ACS and Conduent were/are Xerox companies. In reality all that happened here was Xerox spun of the ACS business into a new Xerox company.

When it comes to federal student loans I can’t remember a case where someone has successfully challenged the accounting on their federal student loans. In general the data as reported by the National Student Loan Data System (NSDLS) is taken at face value.

You should login to the NSDLS portal to confirm the loans you owe. That is the official depository of federal student loan information and status. ACS and now Conduent are just servicers of your federal student loans.

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  1. Amy

    November 14, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Conduent student loan question asked.

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