Student Loans

I’m a Police Officer. How Can I Get My Student Loans Out of Default?


Question: Dear Steve, Currently getting wages garnished from income. Two income household and the garnishment is still killing my pockets. I have already done a rehab years ago but after I completed the rehab they told me my loan had not been picked up by another company yet and that I would be contacted. I was never contacted and I ... Read More »

My Mesh Implant Award Went to Pay My Student Loans in Bankruptcy


Question: Dear Steve, I live in Alabama. I received a mesh implant 12/10. It was protruding by 3/11 and was removed 1/12, 4/12 I filed Chapter 7. My attorney advised me that my student loans could not and would not be included. My mesh lawsuit was settled last year and the bankruptcy court reopened my case to add my student ... Read More »

My Education With Full Sail University Sucks. How Do I Get My Money Back?

Full Sail Refund Policy

Question: Dear Steve, I am attending Full Sail and the education and experience have been horrible. I wanted to withdraw so I don’t acquire any more financial aid debt but i was told that if I do before the 10th week of the semester that the school will loose my financial aid and I will have a cash balance with ... Read More »

How Can I Stop a Student Loan Wage Garnishment if I Teach in a Low Income School


Question: Dear Steve, I went through a divorce in 1997, after that I got behind on my payments. I have been teaching in a low income school district in Missouri for the past 11 years and my wages have been garnished for most of that time. I need to get out of this but don’t know what steps to take. ... Read More »

Should I Stop Paying My Private Student Loans or File Bankruptcy?

Adult Ed - Questions

Question: Dear Steve, I have about $64,000 in private student loan debt. They are consolidated into one loan with repayment of $500.91 a month for 20 years. After graduating college with a bachelor’s (started to do master’s then realized how much debt I accumulated) I got work on the lower end of the spectrum in my field. After the oilfield ... Read More »

I’ve Had a Student Loan Wage Garnishment for 18 Months That I Need Stopped


Question: Dear Steve, My student loans are being paid through garnishment of my wages. I was in default, did not receive notice of the garnishment and have now paid for more than 18 months. I have a chronic illness, but am not “disabled.” I work full time with $0.01 in savings and can not afford the $524 monthly coming out ... Read More »

My AES Student Loan Balance Has Tripled Since I Defaulted

Many multicolor question marks above the head of young man or boy. Making decision thinking uncertainty learning concept. EPS 10 vector illustration no transparency

Question: Dear Steve, Student loans…was laid off from my job back in 2002, with 2 kids in college. also, decided to return to school my self. took out several loans that I thought was government loans with American education services. Between hurricane Katarina and not finding steady employment I defaulted on the loans. Was making pay I guess it wasn’t ... Read More »

I Signed Up With Strategic Student Solutions and I’m Concerned

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.25.48 AM

Question: Dear Steve, I saw a post online about a Student Loan Relief Program that appeared to be a screenshot of Michelle Obama endorsing it on her Twitter page. In a haste, I called the number without actually verifying that she ever posted it on her timeline. I got an answer and proceeded to give them all my information; name, ... Read More »

My Granddaughter Left College Just Months Before Finishing. I Cosigned.

Old man with headache.

Question: Dear Steve, I cosigned on student loans for my granddaughter. She left school months before graduating and has little or no income-she is living on her own and is not willing to communicate on a regular basis. She has student loans with both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. I know she has no regular job and most likely is ... Read More »

Navient is Reporting Me Late Even Though I’m Repaying My Loans


Question: Dear Steve, I have about $100,000 in private student loans with Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) I was not able to pay on the the loans and the account went into default after about 7 months of missed payments. In March 2015, Navient offered me monthly payments of $250 at the interest rate of .001% until the balance was paid ... Read More »

I’m So In Debt Because of Harrison College I Need Help


Question: Dear Steve, Married, mother of 2, 34 years old. Recent graduate of Harrison College via online courses. Upon enrollment at Harrison, I was given the impression that all fees were on par with other area schools which was absolutely inaccurate. I was also never told of the limitations on loans for a bachelor degree, and had to quit before ... Read More »

Will I Be Able to Get a Passport With Student Loan Debt?

Passport with US visa and "admitted" stamps

Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed a federal guaranteed student loan for my son over 15 years ago. Just found out he has not paid a dime on it , now they are coming after me for it.I am going to pay this off, but it will take me some time. Can the government stop me from getting my passport or ... Read More »

How Can I Avoid My Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

Wage Garnishment Concept

Question: Dear Steve, I am 26 with a daughter and a wife and a LOT of student loan debt. I have been paying my private loans on time and am up to date there but until just recently, I was unaware I had a federal loan in default that I was not paying. I failed to make a payment plan ... Read More »

How Can I Get My Federal Student Loan History?

American Bald Eagle on Flag

Question: Dear Steve, All government loans taken out in 1980s. Owed about $30k at graduation. paid off about $20 then went into default. did not hear from them for many years. then in early 2000s recontact and I ended up consolidating now amount of about $60k. I want to check the accounting and get some hopefully knocked out and settle ... Read More »

I’m Taking the Tax Benefit for My Father’s Parent Plus Loan

Student Loan installment payment check paying back money owed in obligation for borrowed funding for college or university education

Question: Dear Steve, I am in debt for around $100k from going to a private design school in Nebraska. I owe around $20k in Fedloans and $80k in Parent Plus loans that my dad signed for. I am paying I consolidated all of my loans as much as I could and opted for the lowest monthly payments possible. I pay ... Read More »

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