Should I Be Worried About Bilkish Chasing me in India or the UAE?


Dear Jon,

Wanted a piece of advice on below please.

I took bank loan in Oman HSBC in 2014 and left country when I lost the job though paid loan instalment for 6 months only.

In-between Bilkish team from Mumbai Office contacted me in India but somehow it passed on several years., nothing happened to me

And the main issue now is, I am back to UAE and working with a company. And I got a call from Bilkish office from India and later form UAE on my new UAE mobile no. for which rather I surprised/shocked for this. Wondering/wondered how they traced my details and who gave my contact details to Bilkish? Even they came to know about my company as well. And sent a mail to our HR for confirming my working with them and my pay etc.

Our HR director forwarded that mail to me and I replied stating I am in contact with bank.

And than Bilkish guys called me yesterday and asked my plan how I pay the loan amount etc.. But I told them to give me a week time and call back with my proposal/plan for settlement.

So, sir, please help me on below:
– What should be my plan and tell Bilkish for repayment
– What should be my position now since they contacted my company and damaged reputation.
– Whether our company take any action on me? it is personnel, nothing to do with Company, right?
– And whether Bilkish inform HSBC in UAE and create problem?
– Or I shall contact directly to HSBC and request for waiver and settle for less amount? is it possible?

I am in bad situation now and please help what should be my stand ?

Urgent advise is appreciated, sir. please

Thanks, Vaasu



I understand your concerns, and what you can do will depend on a few matters.

Just to address your questions, and sorry to answer questions, with a question::

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* Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan with Bilkish, and what have been their demands regarding payment?

* Reputation aside, you can attempt to request they no longer contact your employer. This is a bullying approach from collection agencies, some countries have laws against this.

* I cannot say or speculate as to if your employer would take action against you; I would hope not. You are correct that the issue is a personal matter, and should not reflect on your work.

* If Bilkish does contact HSBC in the UAE, it my address your question about contacting HSBC directly to work out a repayment plan. Contacting HSBC to see if they can reclaim the account and if you can work out a repayment plan may be better than a collection agency handling it.

The questions will be, how much can you afford to pay? If the collection agency or HSBC do not accept your proposal, or you cannot afford to pay what they demand, we may need to look at this a bit closer.

Let me know in the comments section below.




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9 thoughts on “Should I Be Worried About Bilkish Chasing me in India or the UAE?”

  1. Hi Gina, I had considerable personal debt due to setting up a business in Dubai in 2008, We lost money and had huge personal loan and credit card debt. After a point it became impossible to pay off with my salary and with the job situation not good we left for india in 2010. Since then i have got many emails but they were automated and stopped after couple of years, i tried to contact banks to work out a settlement but never got any workable response. I tried working it via agencies in dubai but no one bothered given it was many years past. Now with the new law coming into play about UAE becoming a reciprocating territories of india I am not sure what may happen. so whats the best way forward? Am at risk travelling? Ideally would want to settle it but not with huge intrests etc

    • That is big news. The recognition of UAE courts in India means that a case filed in the UAE could be enforced in India. I am unaware of what the laws in India are for unpaid debt. The UAE is not the only country with a similar reciprocating law in India. “Apart from UAE, the other countries declared to be “reciprocating territories” are: United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, the Cook Islands (including Niue) and the Trust Territories of Western Samoa, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Aden.”

      For more on this see

      In your particular situation, the issue if you were a defendant in legal action would be if the debt is time-barred now. That is a question for a local attorney in India to answer. Since this agreement between the UAE and India is new, my concern is that it might restart the clock on the time-barred debt. See


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