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DRLS LLC – Consumer Complaint – May 31, 2018

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

My husband & I got behind on our mortgage payments as a result of my job loss (due to disability). We tried multiple times to get assistance from our mortgage lender but to no avail.

We received a notice in the mail from a company – DRLS, LLC – that purported to assist with working out mortgage loan options.

After calling and explaining to them about the attempts we made with our mortgage lender, this company promised to help us save our home. They said they were sure they could fix things for us as they “did this kind of thing all the time” and that mortgage lenders always worked with them. We hired them, at the cost of $3,200, to help us save our home so we could get back to normal.

They had us file what turned out to be a fraudulent Chap. 13 bankruptcy to stave off an impending foreclosure (we are in the process of alerting the US Trustee’s about this, as well as our state’s AG).

And unfortunately, what we discovered is that all they did was hire a third party company to fill out the Borrower’s Assistance Request forms & submit documentation to our mortgage lender – which was exactly what we’d already done previously!

The mortgage lender denied the request, yet again, leaving us with only two options – a short sale or deed-in-lieu.

This company, DRLS LLC, now says they never promised us anything and there’s nothing more they can do for us, that we’re on our own. And they refuse to refund our money despite not delivering what they promised. I have copious amounts of documentation in the form of emails, physical documents, and phone recordings documenting all of this.

Consumer Action Taken:

Multiple times I asked for direction and clarification on what and how the process would work, was working, what the steps were, etc., but I was summarily ignored.

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With the rejection letter from our mortgage lender, I called to request that our money be returned, and they refused to refund our money.

Date This Problem Happened: January 30, 2018

State You Live in: Arizona


Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,200

Company Name: DRLS LLC

Company Address:

3651 Lindell Rd, Suite D
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Company Telephone Number: 888-356-9171

Website of Company:

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  • Stay Away. In the early summer of 2018 I delt with them. They took me for almost $1900, I made monthly payments. Nate, from Las Vegas, told me I was approved by their company for a flex 1. I questioned on what that was. All he would tell me was that it is a different government entity. I have an FHA loan and did a loan mod less than a year ago. What Nate didnt tell me was a flex 1 is a loan mod and only accepted by fanny mae and freedy mac. With FHA you have to wait a minimum of 24 months before you can get another loan mod. Nate knew this. FHA told me this. Nate kept trying to tell me we could try again in November 2018, which is 12 months not 24 months sense my 1st loan mod. In Oct 2018 I got the denial letter from FHA stating I did not qualify because it hasn’t been 24 months yet. I contacted Nate and again he said we can try again in November 2018. Wrong, not 24 months. I than tried to contact them several more times, they would not answer their phone or call me back. I disputed the transactions with my bank. I received $1190 back from my bank. Drls is now, 3 months later disputing only $630 of the $1190. I called drls again on Tues, Jan 29, 2019. Their phones did the fast buzy tone. Looked up their website and it shows they are permantely closed. I would like to get all my $ back as they scammed me and committed fraud. Btw it is also illegal to take any $ to do a loan modification.

  • I also fell victim to this kind of scam with a different company named Westwood Legal out of CA but with the same MO. They promised me a loan modification but instead I received a foreclosure notice after $4000 of up front payments. After I got the foreclosure notice they had the nerve to tell me they had gotten me a new mortgage with a company called West Holdings & Aquisitions & I should start paying them. They even went so far as to put their name on my deed as if they had funded a new mortgage even though the old mortgage had never been paid off. Instead of paying them I hired a foreclosure lawyer who helped fend off he foreclosure but the monthly payments are high. A few weeks later I received a notice from a receiver saying that the company had been shut down. The principles have been arrested but my chances of getting my money back are slim to none as their assets have not been uncovered. Now my deed is no longer in my name & I am trying to find a way to get it back. Now I know how careful you have to be before you trust a company to take care of your mortgage problems. Hopefully the people connected to this company will be put out of business too.Funny but when I first placed a complaint about Patrick Soria , the man I dealt with he wrote that all I wanted was a free house & just didn’t want to pay. I hope he remembers that while he is sitting in jail.

  • I had the same problem a couple years ago and they took me for $6300. I contacted my State Attorney General but however in the long run it is still unfortunate that I will receive any monies back. My only advice to everyone is to either pay your mortgage on time or find someone locally that will help that way if there are any concerns, you will know where the office is locally and not out of state

  • I was considering using their services to help with my house foreclosure problem. I am very upset by reading these reviews.

  • Mrs. Kelly,

    I represent DRLS, LLC with respect to its claims and remedies against you regarding your defamatory post on this website. In one part of this post, you claim that the people at DRLS, LLC “said they were sure they could fix things for us and ‘that they did this thing all the time’ and that mortgage lenders always worked with them.” The implication in this part of the post is that the people at DRLS, LLC were lying. However, DRLS, LLC does work with mortgage lenders all the time, but it is not a mortgage lender itself. And with respect to any promises, the retention agreement that your husband signed (the “Agreement”) states very clearly that DRLS, LLC “cannot guarantee what any Lender may do . . . .” See Agreement, p.1. So, this part of the post and its implications are defamatory.

    In another part of the post, you claim that “[m]any times I asked for direction and clarification on what and how the process would work, was working, what the steps were, etc., but I was summary ignored.” This is untrue. We have a call log showing the phone interactions with the DRLS, LLC staff and you. In addition, there is a series of emails between you and DRLS, LLC staff showing that DRLS, LLC was responsive. DRLS, LLC performed the services that it said it would in the “scope of service” part of the Agreement.

    You claim in the post that “[t]hey had us file what turned out to be a fraudulent Chap. 13 bankruptcy to stave off an impending foreclosure.” There was nothing fraudulent about the bankruptcy filing. DRLS, LLC provided a “skeleton” petition for you to file, which is not uncommon, and such petition could be updated at a later date.

    Ironically, the emails also show that your delay in providing requested information to DRLS, LLC probably played a part in your mortgage lender’s rejection of a loan modification. In addition, the people at DRLS, LLC to whom I have spoken said that you were difficult to work with because you were rude and acted as though it was their fault that your home was being foreclosed. The echoes of such an attitude exude from the website post.

    Please stand down, Mrs. Kelly.

    Stephen B. Niswanger

    • I just lost my house because of false info.was not told I had to fill chapter 13 until last miniute. I wish you would tell me to stand down bitch.

      • You lost your house because you did not pay your mortgage. The fault lies squarely on you, Bert. And considering that you called me a name without even knowing me and fail to accept any blame, I am not surprised that you are unable to pay your bills as they come due. So, stand down.

    • I lost my house because drlls told me I did not have
      to file bankruptcy. I wish some kangaroo lawyer would tell me to stand down. No,you stand down Mr. Nizwanker or whatever your bogous name is. Good for you Mrs.kelly. let’s ride there ass till the wheels fall off. Post it up time.

      • You lost your home because you did not pay your bills – Leave the home , turn in the keys and walk away , or foreclosure will happen.

    • You can represent this company all you want too! They take peoples money and do nothing in return. They send nothing to lenders and lie for months. Gee I wonder why there are so many complaints against them

  • The are nothing but a rip off – they took $3700 and did nothing – was rejected after less than 2 weeks by a third party. Also filed a complaint with the Attorney General in Colorado since they would not give me their license number to do business in Colorado. If they have a license to do business in Colorado they can not ask for money up front and if they do not have a license they are in violation of State law.

  • thank you. i was doing some research and what i am reading about this company i do not like
    what i am finding. I was burned a few years back by a set up some what just like this.
    thank you.

  • As a result of submitting this complaint, I got a call this afternoon from someone at the law firm Rutan & Tucker, LLP in California. The man who called stated that we need to hire an attorney in our area because they represent the ‘multi-million dollar company’ DRLS, LLC in a character defamation suit, that they are going to have this complaint taken down, and that DRLS, LLC does not even do loan modifications. The man (whose name I did not catch, but I do have the recorded phone conversation) said DRLS, LLC had a lot of paperwork and recorded phone conversations. I informed him I have ample documentation & phone recordings as well, proving everything I’ve stated is true.

    I suppose that is why, when I was looking for information on DRLS, LLC, I could not find anything. It appears they retain a law firm that acts as a watchdog for any complaints about their shady business practices. I have done copious research and have filed complaints with several states in which they have ties (business license out of Wyoming, office in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a mailbox address – one of those UPS-like places that allows them to have a physical mailing address in California), as well as the FTC, and included my documentation with each complaint. Threatening law suits for defamation is a low thing for them to do when they know what they’ve done is shady/illegal, but I suppose it is how they keep people quiet and can continue on with their ‘business.’

    Also, this complaint somehow has Arizona listed as my state instead of Arkansas.

    • Contact the Attorney General in your state and find out if they have a license to do business within that state

    • I also contacted DRLS and the same thing happen to me. They told me that they could do a loan mod and I needed to make good faith payments. Well $5,000.00 later and a year later, I hear they have gone out of business. They won’t return any calls or emails. What a scam. Mr. Niswanger, if you represent this co. Do the right thing. A lot of people fall on hard times and for you to say you lost your home because you didn’t pay your mortgage, is gutless. Shame on you.

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