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More Bankruptcy Judges Seeking Ways to Discharge Student Loan Debt

Written by Steve Rhode

In this article from the Wall Street Journal comes the following information.

“In interviews with the Wall Street Journal, more than 50 current and former bankruptcy judges, frustrated at seeing borrowers leave federal courtrooms with six-figure debts, say they or their colleagues are more open to chipping away at the decades-old guidelines that determine how such debt is treated.

“If the law’s not going to be improved by Congress, we have to help these young people who are drowning in student loan debt,” said U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge John Waites in South Carolina.”

“Last year, only 473 people of the millions repaying student loans sought relief using bankruptcy, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.”

“Frustrated judges are more likely to “look for wiggle room and try to find solutions that will allow them to sleep at night, ”said Terry Maroney, a Vanderbilt Law School professor who studies judicial decision-making.”

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