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Owing Student Loans Used as Political Attack Against Opponent

Written by Steve Rhode

Seriously? This is where we are now?

“Rep. Devin Nunes is opening up an unusual new line of attack on his well-funded Democratic challenger: his student debt.

A radio ad aired by the Central Valley Republican in the last weeks before election day highlights the fact that his opponent, Fresno prosecutor Andrew Janz, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans.

“Janz racked up a half-million dollars in debt during college,” the ad declares. “No wonder he supports legislation to make taxpayers bail him out.”

“Janz’s financial disclosure forms show he owed between $260,000 and $515,000 in student loans as of the end of last year. He told the Bay Area News Group this summer that he owed about $300,000 in loans, which he took on while working his way through undergraduate, graduate and law school, and he’s called for reforms to the system like forgiving more debt for graduates who go into public service jobs.

Janz, 34, argued that Nunemiddle-classstrates just how out of touch he is with the struggles of middle class Americans.”

“Going to college shouldn’t put you hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt,” Janz said. “The system is broken and we need new leaders who understand education policy and the value of loan forgiveness programs.” – Source

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