Navient Solutions – CFPB Complaint ID 3044772

Date Received: 2018-10-12T00:00:00

Product: Federal student loan debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: My name is XXXX XXXX and I have a complaint against XXXX XXXX XXXX and Navient student loans. I may have a complaint against XXXX XXXX as well, since it appears they are all 3 of five companies that are all the same company and/or interconnected to each other, as I will explain. In the XX/XX/XXXX I was holding at one credit hour to graduate as the university XXXX XXXX had some unethical things. So, I went on a hardship deferment with XXXX XXXX. I followed proper procedure and updated my new address with them, here in XXXX and with Before I had moved I called fafsa to verity my lender or if there were any other lenders that I may have not been aware of, as I was unsure when I would graduate given all that happened at XXXX. However, they told me that there was only one, being XXXX XXXX.
I mention this for a reason as you will soon see. So, I did my hardship deferment with them and moved to XXXX Oklahoma, XX/XX/XXXX. Around XX/XX/XXXX, I started receiving calls from XXXX XXXX XXXX informing that they had a loan of mine in default. They told me they were a combination of 3 small loans totaling something over about {$4000.00} which has gone up a bit now because of their charges. I had no idea how tis even occurred. However, they told me I was in default. I asked them who the lender was because I was already on a hardship deferement with XXXX XXXX and was told by fafsa they were my only lender, and they told me it was Navient.
So, I contacted fafsa again ( XXXX XXXX ) to verify this information and they told me, yes there were smaller loans from Navient in default. I told the lady that I called them the summer before I moved, to make sure all was well and informed her the information I was given. She just told me to call XXXX XXXX and tell them that there was no prior information given up until now, and ask for a deferment given my situation. I called XXXX XXXX XXXX back and asked about my options, and they told me about a 9-month rehabilitation program in which the payments would be XXXX dollars a month because of my financial situation. They told me if I made all the payments on time that I could request a letter for Title 20 to get back in school and was told after 9 months that my loans would be sent to a new lender.
So, recently probably around XX/XX/XXXX they sent my loans out and was out of rehab program. I asked where they sent my loans and they could not tell me, and told me to call fafsa and inquire where my loans were sent. Then I received a letter from XXXX XXXX saying Congratulations on completing your 9 month rehabilitation program. This made me more confused as I was on a hardship deferment with them and currently on a in-school deferment with them, and they hold most of my loan. So, I could not figure out why my main servicer was sending me this because why or if would they sell a smaller amount of my loans to Navient, not telling me, and they knowingly knew I was on a hardship deferment with them at that time.
This made no sense, so from researching it appears that XXXX XXXX may be one of the sister companies with them, but being the same. So, how can they do that? This seems deliberate, immoral and unprofessional. However, at that time ( after completing their rehab ), I did call, but fafsa still was only showing Navient and they could not provide information at that time. About a few weeks later I received a letter from XXXX informing they had my loans, so I set up a in-school deferment with them since I had restarted school. Also, when I called fafsa to inquire where the loans from Navient went, I also asked them repeatedly if there were any other smaller loans out there with other lenders, in which I may not be aware of and they told me no.

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The reason for this was when this all happened with Navient, I was so confused to how and why this happened, when a major portion of loans is held by XXXX XXXX and I was completely caught off guard with what happened, so I wanted to make sure nothing was missed and they told me, that there were only two showing. They told me that there was a way to check online now and to see as well, they were the only two showing at that time, during that phone call. So, I checked, and that appeared to be accurate.
Now, about a few weeks ago, a lady called me from XXXX XXXX XXXX and said something about me owing money to them. I told them that I just got out of default and those smaller loans had been sent to XXXX, and I told her that I had called them a couple times to inquire where this was sent and told her that, she needed to check her information as I was dealing with XXXX in which I had a in-school deferment with and she said she would wait to see if their database just had not been updated, and would call me back in a couple weeks. So, just recently a XXXX from XXXX XXXX XXXX called me and said that I owed them money. I told him the same thing that I told the girl. I told him this did not make any sense and inquired more. He told me that they had a loan and the amount owed was about {$1600.00} and I asked who this was with because I had not idea what he was referencing, and he told me it was with the Illinois Student commission. Then he asked me if my address was on XXXX XXXX. I said, You know where I live because I just got out of default and just completed that rehab program with them. Then I asked when was this sent to them and He told me in XX/XX/XXXX and then he switched up and said, It came in of XX/XX/XXXX, but we just got it fairly recently. His story changed. So, I said that I would contact fafsa and asked them what was going on. He told me, that there was no need for me to do that and I should just call that Illinois student commission number he gave, but I called fafsa anyways. I spoken to an agent, on a three way call with Ms. XXXX XXXX and we asked who was the financial company of this commission and she said it was Navient. XXXX then asked, So, the person who sent this to XXXX is Naveint. The representative said yes, it was Navient and she verified the loan servicers was Navient, they just put a different name on it, but still Navient.
So, yesterday I called XXXX back again and told them that, this made no sense, since they called me originally back in XX/XX/XXXXand placed me on their rehab program. I told them as well, I knew it was Navient as I talked to fafsa and he did not deny this, after I said it three times because initially he tried to act XXXX, but then acknowledged it. Then he said, well we got this inXX/XX/XXXX, but it just came in. I told him that they called me back in XX/XX/XXXX and told me that they loans they were presenting to me, smaller loans, were what was placed in default by Navient and the rehab program was coving these smaller loans. I told him that XX/XX/XXXX is after XX/XX/XXXX, so they knew this already, the first time they contacted.
Why did Navient hold back a smaller portion to only put me back in default? I told him that it did not make any sense. He said, well me technically only received it around XXXX. I told him that even in XX/XX/XXXX, which is still after the initial time he said Navient sent it, and that I was still in their rehab program making payments and became eligible for Title 20 to return to school 6 months after making payments. I asked, why did they not say anything then? Why would Navient hold back a small portion, only to put me back in default, once getting out? Why would they hold 3 smaller loans and sent this to XXXX after being out of default. While they were holding another smaller loan and they presented this AFTER I was out of default, and after the other was sent to XXXX.
They had this, before they ever called me in XXXX, per what they have said, so they knew. So, this is deliberate. I would like to request that they are contacted and that if this is something actually owed, as I question this at this point too, being they are so dishonest. But, if true, they need to place this with XXXX because they withheld knowing, per what they have said and they literally waiting, until I was back in school, and I was out of deault, only to put me back in. Given the dates of the event, this was deliberate. Also, I do not understand how XXXX XXXX sent me the, Congrats letter being out of default, when they hold a huge portion of my loans. I was on a hardship deferment with them, they knew my information, and they knew my situation. So, if they are a sister partner with these companies as it appears to be so, given what I have found through research. Then I believe there is liability on XXXX XXXX end as well. Please look into this matter because it does appear there are 5 companies that appear to be interconnected to one another, XXXX XXXX, Navient, and XXXX XXXX XXXX, and two others. This seems like a very twisted and corrupt thing to do. I am a single mother to XXXX children who have special needs and XXXX XXXX knew this. How can people be so evil? Please help me rectify this situation and hold them accountable, for those who are involved in this malice. Also, when placing categories for this claim. They definition was not exact, so I filled in the bubble to the best I could in regard to complaint. However, I am not back in default and I am already back in school, so this is problematic and yes, XXXX told me they can come after any wages and any tax returns. I explained my situation and even after confronting them with knowing they are in the wrong and that they are with Navient, they did nothing to resolve the issue.

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Company: Navient Solutions, LLC.

State/Zip: OK 741XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 3044772

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