Mother Pays Off Navient Loan Years Before and Hit With $92K Collection Bill Anyway

This suit filed against Sallie Mae Student Loan Corporation, Ascension, Navient, Equifax Information Services, Pioneer Credit Services, Trans Union, and Experian Services Corporation would be unbelievable if all the facts asserted are proven true. I’ll keep an eye on this suit but for now, here is what we do know. In Texas, in December 2020 … Read more

Are My Navient Services Federal Student Loans With Deutsche Bank Eligible for Biden Forgiveness?

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Question: Dear Steve, I am a student loan holder, in re-payment since 2005. My loans were Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loans that were consolidated, and are currently owned by Deutsche Bank (serviced by Navient). This may be of interest to your readers. There have been various conversations around student-loan forgiveness. From what I have heard … Read more

How Am I Ever Going to Deal With My Sallie Mae – Navient Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, Sallie Mae->Navient steered me into and consolidated my student loans, 7% interest-been paying for 22 years on one and since they consolidated when I finished my MS in 2007, looks like it’s only been 13 years. Now I’m a lung cancer survivor, 61 years old with ongoing health problems and the balance … Read more

Shocking Landmark Ruling on Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge

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Let’s hope that August 31, 2020, can be remembered as an important day in the fight to break student loan debtors free from the lifelong debt slavery of student loans. The appeal court opinion in a case involving the discharge of Navient private student loans was McDaniel v. Navient. This case involved Navient Tuition Answer … Read more

I Think I’ve Paid Enough to Navient and SallieMae

Question: Dear Steve, I have paid Navient/Sallie Mae roughly $63k over the past 10 years but my balance never goes down. My original principal was around $40k. Should I consider just stopping payments? Casey Answer: Dear Casey, I can certainly understand how you would feel this way. You are making the payments required but it’s … Read more

Is Defaulting on My Old Navient Private Student Loan Debt Even Ethical?

Question: Dear Steve, Some loans moved from Sallie Mae to Navient have become time-barred; 2 loans with my mother as a co-signer remain in good standing. As of July my time-barred / defaulted Navient loans will fall off my credit report. All Federal student loans have been paid. I am the victim of numerous deceptive … Read more

I’m a Veteran and My Navient Debt is Crippling? I Want to Settle.

Question: Dear Steve, As an Army veteran, I used GI bill benefits for undergraduate education. For graduate school for Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, I had to access education loans at 6% plus percent interest rate.$60,000 worth. I started making payments towards interest while in school, I owe $59,000. Is there a way I … Read more

Do We Really Have to Repay This Old Student Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband attending the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2008. The school closed in 2009, in the middle of him going to school. He was one of the few who showed up at the campus to find the doors chained and locked. We’ve been fighting to pay off his student loan since … Read more

The Borrower Never Made a Single Payment on a Navient Private Student Loan and I’m Stuck With It as the Co-Signer

Question: Dear Steve, I am a co-signer on a Navient Private Student Loan. When this loan was originated, I was working a full-time job. I am 63 years old and I am presently receiving social security benefits (1,400.00) per month. I was making the monthly payment toward this loan of $500.00 per month for years. … Read more

My Husband Went to Jail and My Student Loans Went to Limbo


Question: Dear Steve, My now ex-husband is incarcerated for 20 years. Prior to his incarceration, I signed paperwork to endorse a consolidation for student loans. I could no longer afford to pay the Navient high monthly payment. The Navient website lists two consolidated loans at zero dollars owed and paid by N.Y. State Higher Department … Read more