Sanctuary Belize and Andris Pukke Downfall Appear to Go Way Back to Ameridebt

More documents are starting to trickle out in the FTC case against Ecological Fox which includes a vast number of parties. See this for more details on all.

But in a previously sealed filing by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) it appears one reason the FTC is going for the gold on this one has to do with the history Andris Pukkee, Peter Baker, and John Usher have with the FTC from dealing with the old Ameridebt case.

In this document just unsealed the FTC told the court, as part of the case against Sanctuary Belize, it was going for:

  • Motion for Contempt (Telemarketing) and Supporting Memorandum. This motion alleges the misrepresentations Pukke and parties acting in concert with him (Peter Baker and John Usher) make while telemarketing lots violate the Court’s permanent injunction in AmeriDebt.
  • Motion for Contempt (Parcel of hand in Belize) and Supporting Memorandum. This motion alleges that Pukke and parties acting in concert with him (Baker and Usher) conspired to surreptitiously retain control over a parcel of land in southern Belize (now used for unlawful lot sales) notwithstanding multiple orders in AmeriDebt that Pukke and Baker relinquish control of the parcel.
  • Motion for Contempt (Payments to John Vipulis) and Supporting Memorandum. This motion alleges that Pukke is using illegally-obtained lot sale proceeds to repay the loan Vipulis made to help conclude Pukke’s coercive incarceration in AmeriDebt despite the Court’s order that Pukke and Vipulis subordinate that debt to the Commission’s still-unsatisfied AmeriDebt judgment.
  • Motion to Consolidate. Identical motions (in both AmeriDebt and Ecological Fox) ask the Court to consolidate these matters because the factual issues they involve are essentially the same. The FTC also submits proposed orders.
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