Is Titan Consulting Group Really Selling Debt Settlement Using a Loan Mailer?

A reader sent me a mailer they allegedly received from Titan Consulting Group.

The mailer listed a website for the company at titanconsultinggrp.com. That website says the company is located at 1412 Broadway, 15th Floor, New York, NY.

The State of New York says there is no company registered to do business under the name Titan Consulting Group.

However, New York State does say there are two inactive and dissolved companies named Titan Consulting Group, Inc.

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The mailer the consumer received is below.

These types of personal loan mailers for debt relief have raised more concerns over the past few years. They appear to be an attractive marketing tool to solicit consumers to call but people are told they don’t qualify and are pitched debt settlement services, sometimes for advanced fees. You can see past similar mailers here.

The BBB has a listing for a Titan Consulting Group that says it is incorporated in Delaware. – Source

It lists management contacts as:
John Papanicoloau, CEO
Victor Bousso, COO

Reviews on the BBB site seem to imply some unhappy consumers were sold a debt settlement approach.

For example:

“This company lied to me to consolidate two of my credit cards they told me they were going to negotiate with my lenders and to make my monthly payments and instead they took $533.00 out of my account and never called my lenders”

“This is the biggest scam ever. I made the payments. I started getting nasty calls from my creditors so I canceled two months in. I was told I would get all my money back. Waited two months to hear I would only get $173.00 back. All the other money went to their fees. All they did for me is get me a worst credit rating, two payments behind on a few creditors and broke. So tell me what did they do to earn $700.00?” – Source

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Titan Consulting Group does have a history of offering debt settlement services, and that’s fine.

What does raise concerns is if the company is actually making loans and located in New York then why does the company not appear to be registered to do business there? I’d also like to know if they are pitching debt settlement services to consumers, what percentage get this sales pitch.

Bottom line is the mailer raise more questions than answers.

The last thing I’d want to see is the mailer turns out to be a possible bait-and-switch piece offering a loan but settling debt settlement.

By the way, the consumer who received the mailer lives in Texas. The State of Texas says Titan Consulting Group, LLC ended its ability to do business in the state in 2015. It is unclear if that is the same company that claims to be located in New York.

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7 thoughts on “Is Titan Consulting Group Really Selling Debt Settlement Using a Loan Mailer?”

  1. I just received the mailer form TCG and spoke to a representative. I am waiting to hear back if I qualify for a debt consolidation loan. I, like most of the other commenters, are not interested in debt settlement. I will update this comment when/if I hear back from them, which they said should be in less than 24 hours.

  2. I too received an offer of a loan with a really good rate that would have been enough to pay off all of my credit cards. However when I called they told me I didn’t actually qualify for the loan and offered an “alternate” option of settling my credit card debt for less. I wasn’t interested in that and subsequently got a loan from my financial institution.

    Also, this company called me from a New York number all but once. The last time they call was from an 800 number that identified on my phone as “Lakewview Law Group.” If this is some type of debt settlement practice law firm, shame on them – soliciting business in this shady manner is entirely unethical and needs to be reported to the State Bar wherever they are located. They should not be able to solicit business this way anywhere, and certainly not in CA where I live because this violates many consumer protection laws here.

  3. I personally received a low interest loan from Titan, they were honest and helpful. I’m currently saving around $650 a month. Not sure what this article is insinuating, but Titan has put me on the road to finally get my debt paid off. Thank you Titan!

  4. I’m in Minnesota and receive these EXACT mailers on a weekly basis So glad I never contacted them. I’m not looking to “settle” my debt. All my debt is 100% current, with zero negatives on my CR. I’d love to “consolidate” my debt, but have no interest or need to “settle” my debt.

  5. I too received the mailer claiming that I could save 448$ by consolidating my credit card debt with them. I’m glad I researched them and read your comments.


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