Interest Rate Solutions Has GOT to be Kidding with IRS Mailer

First, let’s get this out of the way. The company claiming to behind this debt relief mailer says the following on their website. “nterestRateSolutions.com does not originate or make loans nor make any credit decisions in connection with loans.” – Source

The disclaimer they offer goes on to allude that respondents to this and other marketing efforts may be directed to a loan or “Debt Resolution,” whatever that means.

The company says they hold an A+ rating with the BBB, and they do at the time publication. But what struck me was the complaints on the BBB website that felt strongly about the same issue I had when looking at the mailer.

Here is what the outside of the mailer looks like.

I’m sure if you speak to the company they will say they had no idea people might get confused by the way the mailer looks.

So once the consumer opens the mailer up, here is what they see.

It turns out IRS stands for Interest Rate Solutions. But don’t lose sight of the fact the company is not a lender.

The BBB says Ruddy Palacios is the CEO of IRS.

My advice is if you get a mailer like this then do your own due diligence and check out the company before giving up any personal information.

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This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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4 thoughts on “Interest Rate Solutions Has GOT to be Kidding with IRS Mailer”

  1. Received the mailer “Pre-Approval” letter. So when I called I had to complete an application and they ran my credit. After that they told me their fee is a one time 9.9% of the loan! I would not have agreed to have my credit ran if i knew that!

    I was interested in $35,000 to consolidate multiple loans at a lower rate. 9.9% of $35,000.00 is almost $3500.00! That’s a pretty hefty fee for a company that goes out and applies for loans for you, that’s right, they do not do the loan, they refer you to other lenders.

    This not worth it!

  2. Misleading and deceptive advertising

    Says I’m preapproved for loan on outstanding debt of 153,000

    no clue as to how they came up with this number.

    Does not match any of my existing loans which I currently am paying with no issues

  3. This is such a gross scam. When you call the number to be taken off their list so you don’t receive any more offers it tries to make you put in your SSN. But don’t worry, it is secure! I spoke with a really nice rep and she tried to take me off the mailing list but it turns out that you have to go through Trans Union to do so.

  4. Completely manipulative. Clearly intentional. I’m sure if the real IRS knew about this they would immediately issue a Cease and Desist order.


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