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Government Says Workers Should Just Get Loans to Cover Missing Paychecks

Written by Steve Rhode

You can’t make this stuff up.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross seems so out of touch with the reality of consumer finances that the official suggestion is government workers should quit bitching and run out for quick loans, regardless of the cost to the employee.

And the suggestion by Ross sure seems to condone driving government workers to gap loans, like say payday loans.

Clueless in action.

I happen to know many government workers who are desperately struggling from the lack of paychecks. It’s not like their individual or family finances are not continuing. Missing paychecks are harming credit as obligations go unpaid. Poor credit scores or recent delinquencies will increase the cost of credit or make it unavailable.

Clearly, the people running the show in Washington have no real idea what government workers are actually dealing with in red or blue states.

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