Good and Bad News for Brandon Frere of American Financial Benefits Center

Brandon Frere who is the honcho behind American Financial Benefits Center and a subject of the action by the Federal Strade Commission against the student loan debt relief companies, has won a victory of sorts.

Good News

I received an alert that the court has awarded him a nine-month stay in the proceedings against him by the Federal Trade Commission.

“Defendant Brandon Demond Frere and Plaintiff Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) hereby stipulate and agree to the entry of an Order staying the civil action against him for nine (9) months or until the conclusion of the parallel criminal action filed by the United States against Mr. Frere (captioned United States v. Frere, Case No. 3:18-mj-71724-SK (N.D. Cal.)), whichever is first.” – Source

Bad News

The criminal complaint and criminal charges are still hanging out there and resulted in his arrest. – Source

Good News

Frere was had his release from prison and home detention at his parents’ house, modified so he is not trapped there all day long. The court said he can leave the house to look for a job.

“Mr. Frere may leave his home to seek employment on a schedule preapproved by Pretrial Services between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., provided that Mr. Frere provides Pretrial Services with the location(s) where he will be traveling to seek employment and the times of any appointments that he has secured during his search for employment. Once he secures employment, Mr. Frere may also leave his home for employment purposes on a schedule pre-approved by Pretrial Services. For other activities, including medical and legal appointments, Mr. Frere may leave his home as preapproved by Pretrial Services. Unauthorized travel or deviations from the preapproved schedule and/or locations may be grounds for revocation of pretrial release.” – Source

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Bad News

It appears Brandon has to report to his parent. “Mr. Frere will have in-person contact with his custodian, Andre Frere, at least once per day and will inform him of the schedule for the day that has been approved by Pretrial Services. In the event Andre Frere is out of town or otherwise going to be unavailable for in-person contact on a given day, Mr. Frere will have telephone contact with Andre Frere that day and inform his Pretrial Services Officer of his inability to have in-person contact with Andre Frere and the reasons therefore.”

It’s All Yucky

I wish none of this had happened to the consumers, employees, and Brandon. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn back the clock to the day before the idea to launch American Financial Benefits Center, Ameritech Financial, Financial Education Benefits Center, and AF Student Services become a reality?

Maybe something good will come out of all this pain experienced by people on all sides of this mess. At least the attorneys are happy.

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3 thoughts on “Good and Bad News for Brandon Frere of American Financial Benefits Center”


    You wish they could rollback the hands of time Steve? that was just last year. what are they doing now with the $28 million dollars of upfront fees? you say bad news he got out of jail free card.

    what about the victims? what about the ftc list of people out the door

    what about your affidavit

    what does Damon say about this. Maybe I will call you show and ask. Maybe Damon can have a discussion on Robby . I think the connection is worth the go.

    Your really not going there are you now Steve?

    Candice Bergman

    • Candice, Thanks for the comment. I think I’ve covered the issues in the many posts I’ve had. https://getoutofdebt.org/tag/american-financial-benefits-center

      If I gave the impression he received a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, that certainly was not my intention. I don’t think facing criminal charges but released for home custody is anything like a free pass.

      This case is a bit unique in that we have someone facing criminal charges at the same time as the civil complaint. The civil complaint is on hold until the criminal charges are dealt with so the court and FTC have decided consumers will have to wait.

      Given the situation, the reality at this moment is any relief for consumers is on hold and even if it wasn’t the chances of consumers recovering all of their funds in similar situations is very low. These types of issues never end well for anyone involved.

    • Just in, the Court has approved an order that says, “Defendants Brandon Demond Frere, American Financial Benefits Center, Ameritech Financial, and Financial Education Benefits Center, and Plaintiff Federal Trade Commission hereby stipulate and agree to the entry of an Order staying the civil action against the Defendants for nine (9) months or until the conclusion of the USAO Action, whichever is first.”


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